The Impact of Telecom Services Packages Advertisement on the Social Values of Pakistani Youth

Table of contents


This study will try to investigate the impact of telecom services packages like late-night call & unlimited SMS on the social values of Pakistani youth. As now a day’s cellular companies are mainly targeting youth through their advertisements and want the youth to get indulge in these activities in return to increase their sales but the point is up to what extent youth showing receptiveness and emotional attachment to these packages.

Study was conducted in 3 universities Iqra, Bahria & Foundation with a sample of 150 respondents, convenient sampling technique is used & results are measured using multiple regression test. Major findings concluded that cellular advertisements of unlimited sms & late night call packages have a positive impact on youth. Keywords: advertisements, call packages, sms, social values, youth, cellular services Background

Now a days there are many packages existing in market with special discounts & unlimited sms & late night call packages have been introduced, so due to this reason the providers of cellular services are having a closer look for the migration of Personal computer consumers to become the cell phone user e. g. “GPRS rates have gone down, for example you can send hundreds of text messages per day to any network in the country”. (Omar Aijaz, 2008) was of the view that late night call packages mostly targeted youth that influences mostly at the 11th hour of might to early in the morning round about at 7.

Mostly all telecom services companies are doing so like WaridTelecom providing night package with the name infinite craze or zem nites similarly Mobilinktelecom night package as raat shuru baat shuru etc. Likewise youth is mature and now parents don’t take a closer look at their children’s as the parents look at the things in different view as compared to the youth so as a result definitely positive or negative things are also perceived in different manners.

The packages that were previously discussed in any case surely have affects on the study, healthy life and business life of youth due to staying up long at nights. (Omar Aijaz, 2008), furthermore the students (youth) will let their peers know about these services “word of mouth” is started we can say peer education begins and one can say immature group of humans acting as profession to teach different or additional immature group of humans (Clements, I and Buczkiewicz, M. 1993), and students are discussing their academic work even on sms.

Cell phones nowadays considered by youth as “symbol of independence” (Babar Bhatti, 2008) they develop their own social groups and are able to elaborate or make one’s self owned body of words to communicate in the social gathering that is far from unnecessarily curious sight of their guardian (father and mother). These services are now utilized by youth in larger numbers i-e 24 hours and 7 days a week and still continues and more over has been made as a “the traditional amount of contact permitted before marriage”.

Conversations are mainly done in bedrooms e. g. sms or late night call packages. Youth is making social ties away from their families and the interaction betwixt the guardians (mother and father) and their children’s came into being as not personal, so if someone says that love is in the environment or surrounding seems like it’s being in accordance of the surrounding because mobile carry texts related to romance and youth are focusing to the usage of these cellular services for the maintenance of their close and loveable relational ties.

Cellular companies are “grabbing our new generation, these free night packages services provided by our Cellular Companies have become a great pleasure/encouragement to people like who aren’t responsible at all”, and looks like beyond morals because whole night indulging in these kind of activities affects are culture and traditions. (Babar Bhatti, 2008). In Pakistan services related to cellular’s started in the 1990’s where telephone licenses for mobile services were assigned to PakistanTelecom and PakistanCommunication known as the Insta Phone for the clause as a legal instrument of providing telephony services through mobiles.

As a result now five companies that are providing cellular services exists in Pakistan namely as Ufone, Zong, Warid, Telenor & Mobilink. (Balaji et al. , 2005) perceived and found that currently companies related to mobiles now focusing for the building of having a broad way plan of action to satisfy the consumers for the ongoing services that dominates amusement, & “preventing loss of royalties in their services and maintaining customer retention”. “Ideas associated with ‘risk society’ have become part of the rganizing ground, which serves to define and order the ‘personal’ and social spaces’ integral to its ‘youth problem” (Epstein, 1998), so risk of misusing these late night call packages and unlimited sms usage is always there and furthermore friend finder is another service launched by cellular companies affecting social values of youth. Abstracts standards or empirical variables which are present in social life believed to be important or/and desirable (Mondofacto and medical dictionary, 1998).

What follows is an exploration of this idea both for understanding agency in youth, and for further developing the aims and objectives of a critical sociology of youth (Furlong, 1997), psychological effect is there and youth is emotionally attached to these services now. (Morris and Venkatesh, 2000) were of the view that “Age has been of significant interest to social psychologists as well as marketers in the past”, these cellular companies are mainly targeting youth for subscription of late night call packages and unlimited sms. SMS was built into the European Global System for Mobile (GSM) working as an additional capability. (Goggin, Gerard, 2005) Now in many countries SMS perceived as cheap, utilized as one-to-one, or one-to-many, mostly communication is done leisure. New culture of media use started by young people thorough SMS but In Hong Kong, for instance, SMS was not accepted too quickly because voice mobile (Spurgeon, 2005) call charges were relatively cheap.

Many industries are now interested to use this technology as may telecom services industries are doing so, specially new entrants Zong Is focusing on this strategy. Capitalizing on this unexpected boon, (Christine, 2005) mobile carriers are seeking to position MMS (multimedia services) as the successor to SMS, supported by heavy marketing to promote consumer adoption of new mobile phones with picture and video capacity. ” Attracting consumers of different cultures & having different social values marked as a challenge for international advertisers.

On the other hand (Kothani, 1988; Dahringer, 1991) at a gradual pace service businesses are contributing to grow in the enclosed area internationally. These strategies for people (youth) of different cultures & social values arguments that there is need to understood the marketing internationally that is marked as immediately noticeable and has strong impression, similarly broad way plan of action for advertisement is also required for the services, and on the other hand as well as domestic advertising growth strategies should become compulsory for companies like cellular services.

The research in remote period of time suggests that advertisement of mobiles that is focused towards the act of permitting worthy of being accepted as compared to the several different advertisement (Barwise P. and C. Strong, 2002) interpreting consumers find pleasant by undergoing in the presence of to exercise authoritative change of thought, messages, or information as by speech, signals, writing or behavior. Research will determine that our youth get attracted by mobile music services advertisements and use it for entertainment purpose.

The word Qos can explain in terms of “the collective effect of service performances, which determine the degree of satisfaction of a user of the service”. (Wu, 2000) was of the view that user-perceived QoS becomes of vital importance due to the advancement in mobile technology therefore customers expectation increased in view of wireless technologies. Therefore in this current scenario exertions of the strength developed for the explanation of Qos with additional detail considering consumer perspectives and make a linkage of a belief for the particular parameters of cellular structure in form of concept (Saliba et al. 2005). Moreover there are implications of studies which conclude that “effective network performances, wired and wireless”, are of major importance in satisfying customer experiences as compared to characteristics of the network, if we emphasize on the importance of experienced consumers in context of notion of QoS (Saliba et al. , 2005) cellular companies are focusing on improving their services to a level at which customers become satisfied for better communication like unlimited sms & late night call packages. Quality is defined as the overall excellence or superiority that consumers perceive from a product/service” (Zeithaml, 1988). (Cronin et al. , 2000) explained that “Consumer perceptions of service quality, value and satisfaction have been extensively studied as antecedents of loyalty intention”. On the other hand, satisfaction is defined as “a mediator between quality and/or value and customer retention”.

In this context cellular services companies are focusing to retain their customers (youth) by giving quality services with timely delivery of unlimited sms package. Population should be literate who will understand the advertised messages, therefore there is a need of hour that population must be of right age & right gender & must have sufficient funds or sum of money to consume the products & services which are offered in the market (Dyer, 1995). (Brierly, 1995) said that most people just take 1. 5 seconds to read a printed advertisement so advertisement must be made precise & brief.

On the other hand the social groups identifies themselves on the basis of same attitudes, shared consumption patterns (Goldman, 1992). Advertisers focus on the group they want to focus for instance woman’s found to be in a homogenous groups & advertisements mostly made in the house for household items. This variable Mobile advertisement helps us to find out the impact of mobile advertisements on social values of youth. Advertisement of the mobiles seems as pleasing to the sight of the customer due to its less amount and strong infiltration (Barwise P. nd C. Strong, 2002) plus the people realted to advertisement made vigilant alerts, call, audio and video texts and messages also communicative streaming of videos are made in order to grasp chances and consumers usually with the help of developing the messaging personalized from. In today’s world cellular services are attracting more customers by introducing services like late night call packages and unlimited sms, making attractive advertisements and commercials e. g. Mobilink Raat Shuru Baat Shuru slogans.

The mobile entertainment industry acts as a foundation of m-commerce (Tsalgatidou and Pitoura 2001; Panis et al. , 2002); Maciness et al. 2002). One more thing left which is acting as an indicator i-e what attracts and influence our youth in deciding to adopt cellular service and what specific features they would like a mobile entertainment application to offer (Balasubramanian et al. , 2002). Researching on the study of Consumer behavior is vital towards increasing the pace in diffusion and consumer acceptance of using m-commerce services (Green et al. 001; Nohria and Leetsma 2001; Barnes 2002; Koivumaki2002; Vrechopoulos et al. 2002). It is proposed that the attached emotions with the cellular’s or mobiles can be named as a key that has an impact on the newly born latest services for the admission in the future prospects (Vincent, 2006). Consumer receptiveness is critical in finding out whether people accept the advertisement or not. (Swaminathan et al. , 1996) was of the view that advertisements classified mainly as “(cognition or affect)” So in these scopes emotional dvertisements means serving advertisements to focus “elicit affective responses” (Aaker and Stayman, 1992).

However, most studies concluded that emotional responses which are positive results in positive advertisement and generally in brand responses, whereas advertisements which are get reacted through cognitive reactions are affected much positively through the help of advertising that is un emotional in nature that has power of attracting in contrast to advertisements that are emotional in nature (De Pelsmacker et al. 2002, 2005). If we look cellular’s through view of product extension they are currently extensions of own (Hulme, 2003; Lasen, 2004; Vincent et. al, 2005; Wehmeyer, 2007), and considered as showing similarity in the condition of being deprived of extension (Hulme, 2003), consumers currently view them as unavoidable so as a result attachment to these cellular devices has increased as users intended to arouse the emotions with these cells. (Fox, 2001; Lasen 2004, 2005; Vincent et. l, 2005, 2006; Wehmeyer, 2007). Cellular services are increasing rapidly as building upon premise that leave its foot prints on future acceptance of new services Vincent’s (2006). However, there exists a lacking rigidly accurate speculation in addition to that verifiable scientific investigation when viewing commercial functions involved in transferring goods from producers to consumers with act of implicating the act of using commerce through mobile or cell (Balasubramanian et. l, 2002) and consumer behavior viewing the act of using commerce through mobile not being marked as title of enough scientific investigation (Green et al. 2001; Ramsay 2001;Barnes 2002). There is a bulk of researches and discussions on the emerging business models of mobile entertainment industry which acts as a trusted market in m-commerce (Tsalgatidou and Pitoura 2001; Maciness et al. 2002, Panis et al. 2002), and there we can still be able to find out indicators i-e what influences consumers in their decision to accept and adopt cellular music services (Balasubramanian, Peterson and Jarvenpaa 2002).

Moreover, emotional feeling of affection also determines the cellular device in managing the person confidential as well as life relating to emotions(Henley management college, 2003), we will try to scrutinize in view of customers willingness to accept the advertisement of cellular’s or not. If we view pure services from a nature perspective they are intangible; means are not capable to be grasping or touched psychologically (Bateson, 1979). Therefore the participation of a articular branch of learning, science or art regarding morality principals with relative worth, rules of right conduct main beliefs with the help of honest principles inside commerce (Paine, L. S. , 1996) are must for cellular companies to focus as a basic research area in business ethics. Low impact on moral values of the youth & help youth to become emotionally socialize well as, Cutler and Javalgi (1993) founded that ads are targeted emotionally by the service advertisers, Similarly marked partial digits that belongs to knowledge communicated stimuli utilization belonging to services provider, so cellular companies must focus on providing the in depth detail of services offered that has an valid positive impact on youth, so the dependent variable social values will explain how youth get influenced by these services & use these services in their social groups.

Is there any relationship between dependent and independent variables?  Is there a positive impact of telecom services late night call and unlimited sms packages advertisement on the social values of Pakistani Youth?  Is there a negative impact of telecom services late night call and unlimited sms packages advertisement on the social values of Pakistani Youth? Method The study was carried out during the short period from September 2009 to January 2010. In this study Students from 3 universities i-e Iqra University, Bahria University and Foundation University are selected as the target population. The questionnaire were developed using the five point .Likert scale, for this purpose. The questioners were distributed to about 00 students out of which reliable results were obtained from 150 students. To keep the validity and importance of the study, all the questionnaires were self administered and assisted, helping students in case of any queries. As a result received datum systematically arranged; in addition to this with the absence of every all comparatively small numeric symbol, sheet of Statistical packages for the social sciences formed and multiple linear regressions was utilized for hypothesis testing with the help of Statistical packages for the social sciences software version number 16. to find the relationship betwixt variable that are independent and dependents in nature.

Result and Discussion

Results obtained show that as an individual co-efficient in case of each and every variable indicates a positive result overall. The investigation of this research shows that social issues regarding youth are positively affirmative as well as powerful correlation is seen with advertisement i. e. the independent variable. Whole analysis shows that the variable advertisement which is independent in nature influences social values and gives a significant result as P< . 05, F = 95. 200 and the R Square > .

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