Revenge is sweet!

Around one and a half months ago, my little sister was killed. She was only ten years old. The police are still searching for the murderer, but they believe that it was a robber, because her mobile phone and her money had been taken away when they found her. Everybody tries to make me forget what has happened, but I can’t. It was a Sunday morning when I heard her for the first time.

  • “I miss you so much, why can’t you be with me?”

Is it you Minnie; is it my dear sister?

  • “I feel so alone in here, come and be with me.”

The voice was faint and husky.

  • “Minnie, can you hear me? Are you all right?”
  • “I can hear you, I’m not alright, it is a terrible stench in this little coffin, and I feel so alone. Come to me, come to me…”
  • “Who did you talk to?”
  • “Mum, it was Minnie, she told me…”
  • “Minnie? Stop kidding with me.”
  • “I promise, it was Minnie, and she told me that she felt alone.”
  • “Honey, I know you think that this is hard, it is hard for all of us, but she is dead, you did not hear her. I dream about her too, and the dreams seem to be real, but then suddenly I wake up, and realize that it’s just a dream.”

I was just quiet. I knew that there wasn’t an idea to try to make mum believing me. Maybe she was right, maybe it wasn’t Minnie. But it sounded so real… The dark has always made me scared. Every scary thing happens in the dark, where none can see what’s happening. So when I, a couple of days after I heard Minnie for the first time, was I going to sleep, I felt a bit afraid. I don’t know why I just got an unpleasant feeling. The darkness seemed to be everywhere. Both inside and outside me. Suddenly I felt a cold wind. The window was closed, and it has never been any draught here before. I draw the duvet close to me. Then I heard her for the second time.

  • “It is cold in here. Do you think of me while your laying in your bed with you warm duvet”
  • “Oh Minnie, I’m thinking of you every second, every minute, every hour. I miss you so much.”
  • “So why don’t you come down to me, I’m not that deep down.”
  • “Oh, Minnie I wish I could. I’ll make a plan, I promise, but mum will think I’m crazy if she saw me digging on the burial-ground.”
  • “Come to me soon, I feel so alone in here…”
  • ”I”m coming soon. Soon.”

The burial-ground was desolated, and the lights were not turned on yet. The sky was gray and everything looked dusky. I felt like all the tombstones stared at me, wondering why I was here. I’ve always thought that it is nice to walk at the burial-ground at all saints day because there are so many candles on the tombs, and I think that the candles show that people care and not forget the dead humans. But now everything felt dark and forgotten. I walked to Minnie’s tombstone, it was a white tombstone, and it looked quite new in the opposite of the other graves. Everything was so quiet; I just heard the wind blow. I felt like I was watched on, and turned around. Behind me stood an old man, with a long white beard. His eyes were blue and observed me from my head to my shoes.

  • “Feeling alone?”
  • “No. Just thinking.” It wasn’t true, I felt alone. However, I didn’t want his company.
  • “Your sister down there?”
  • “Yes. How did you know?”
  • “I know her.”
  • “How do you know her? I meant knew her.”
  • “Know her. I’ve seen her. She is very pale, but those coffins aren’t to nice.”

This man is crazy.

  • “Err, okay.”
  • “You don’t believe in me, right?”

I didn’t know what to say.

“You’ll see that I’m right, but trust me, do the things Minnie tells you to, or you’ll end up like those.” He pointed at the names at the tombstones. I closed my eyes and when I opened them again, he was gone. I thought of what he had said. Do the things Minnie tells you to? Has she told me anything? I won’t dig her up, I don’t even know if I’ve heard her, or if it is just my mind that makes it up. Well. The man was an old crazy idiot; there’s no reason to listen to him.

When I was lying in my bed that night, I heard her again.

  • “Why didn’t you come down to me today? I heard you; you spooked to the old man at the burial-ground. Why didn’t you start to dig when he was gone?”
  • “Minnie, I don’t even know if it is you who speaks to me.”
  • “It is me, but I can prove it if you want to.”
  • “How can you prove it?”
  • “You’ll see it tomorrow. If I prove it, do you promise to go down do me then?”
  • “Minnie, I don’t know…”
  • “Promise, or I’ll leave you forever”, she sounded a bit angry, and I was afraid that she would leave me unknowing if she were Minnie or not.
  • “Okay.”
  • “Se you tomorrow then.” Everything was quiet. She was gone.

When I woke up the next morning and thought about what Minnie had said, I felt insecure. What if she proved it? Should I go to her then? No, impossible. She can’t prove it. She’s dead. And if she against all odds will prove it, I won’t go to her. Not yet anyway. However, she won’t prove it. But she did. When I came to school I got a big shock. All over the roof there was painted; I watch every single step you take, is this evidence enough? I didn’t know what to do. In school there was a lot of talk about who did it, they thought that it was one of the gangs in town. But I knew. I said to my teacher that I was sick and that I wanted to go home. Then I walked to the park beside the burial-ground. I had been there for approximately ten minutes when she started to talk to me.

  • “What are you waiting for? Go and dig me up.” Her voice sounded angry and ordering. I was just quiet. Maybe she would think that I didn’t hear her if I just ignored her.
  • “I know that you hear me. You’re in the park. Why don’t you dig me up? Are you afraid? You promised me to dig me up. If you don’t dig me up, everything will be worse for you.” I was afraid. How could she know where I was? And what would happen if I didn’t do as she said? But I didn’t say anything. She would give up, and what could she do? She was dead.

“I know what you’re thinking, but I can do a lot. I can destroy your life, ’cause I’m manipulating it. I can promise that you’ll dig me up sooner or later.” Her voice was ecstatic, and it scared me. I started to walk away, but she didn’t want to stop talking with me.

She screamed: “I’m manipulating your life, I manipulating your life, so you better dig me up soon.” Her voice tormented me all day, and when I, at last, fell asleep I had nightmares. I dreamed that the old man at the burial-ground haunted me and that Minnie laughed at me when I stumbled. And when I had stumbled, I couldn’t stand up again. Everything turned into different red colors, and Minnie’s laugh became higher and higher. When I finally woke up, I felt like I hadn’t slept at all. I went to school and tried to not look at the roof with Minnie’s message. I went into my classroom. The first lesson was about math. I hate math, so when my teacher told me to go to the front of the classroom, I felt afraid. Would she give me a hard question?

  • “Okay everybody, quiet, please. We all know that somebody painted a sentence on the roof. We don’t know what the culprit wants to tell us, we didn’t even know who was the culprit. But now I know. I know it, ’cause the culprit by herself called to me yesterday and admit that she painted it. She said that she wanted to tell the class why she did it. So, can you tell us why?” She looked at me. I didn’t understand anything.
  • “Angelica, can you tell us?”
  • “But it wasn’t me.” I felt like a fool. Damned Minnie, if it is you who have done this, you can forget every hope that I will dig you up.
  • “Well. We all know who’s the culprit now, and if you won’t tell us, Angelica, you can go straight away to the porter, and he’ll give you the things you’ll need to clean the roof.”
  • “But it wasn’t me.”
  • “GO!” I started to walk away. I was so mad at Minnie. It wasn’t me, it was Minnie, so why did I have to clean the roof? However, how could she call my teacher? And didn’t my teacher recognize that it wasn’t my voice that she heard?

I became more and more afraid, what would she do next? She spoke to me every single minute, and her voice sounded more and more frightening. She was totally convinced that I would dig her up, and she repeated again and again that she manipulated my life. Sometimes I believed in her because I couldn’t do anything with her voice in my head. And I did a lot of things that she told me to do, I was afraid that she would do anything worse if I didn’t. However, I wouldn’t dig her up. The things that she got me to do was just stuff as clean her room put her photos in a frame or say good things about her. She repeated that it would just be worse if I didn’t dig her up soon. And it should, much worse. I had stopped going to school, ’cause everybody avoided me. My teacher was mean to me and derided me when I did something wrong.

On December the 11th it was time for the next thing to happen. Mum was mad at me because I didn’t walk to school. But she couldn’t make me change my mind. We had just had a fight, and she screamed to me that she would go to her job and do some good instead of just sit and cry. I was mad at her and in the whole world because nobody seemed to understand anything. I walked out of the door and went to the supermarket to buy some chocolate. I had nearly accepted Minnie’s voice, but today it was scarier than ever.

  • “I’m sorry to say this Angelica, but today will I hurt other people to get you to dig me up.”
  • “If you do that, I’ll kill you.”
  • “Good luck, I am already dead.”
  • “I won’t dig you up.”
  • “Well, go home and see if you change your mind when you see what I’ve done.” She sounded satisfied, and that made me scared. I ran home, and what I’ll never forget what I saw.

The first thing I saw was just that the door was red. I stared at the door a few seconds before I realized that the red thing was blood. I flung the door open, and inside I found a tail. I started to shiver. If she had… I didn’t even want to think about it.

“CHARLIE!” I screamed frightened. But our dog Charlie didn’t come. I ran into the living room, and there I saw Charlie. Anyway, I saw a part of him. But his head and his paws were gone. I started to scream and cry; I didn’t know what to do. My thoughts were just a mess, Why do you do this to me, Minnie? You loved Charlie so much, how could you ever kill him? Why do you want me to dig you up? If you are dead, why do you want me to be with you? Oh Minnie, why? I called mum. She came home as fast as she could, and we were both struck dumb. She asked me if I knew who had killed him, and I said that I didn’t know. She cleaned the living room, and I walked up to my room. Minnie started to talk to me again.

  • “Do you dig me up now?”
  • “No, I won’t. You are terrible, I hate you.”
  • “I know that you hate me, but if you don’t dig me up soon, I’ll have to do something worse than this. If you haven’t dug me up in 24 hours, It’ll be time for another harmless to die.”

Later that day when I was going to use the toilet I heard mum and dad talking to each other. I didn’t believe what I heard.

  • “I’m worried about Angelica. It is terrible what has happened to Charlie, but in fact, I’m wondering if it can be Angelica who has killed him. I know it sounds weird, but she has changed a lot since Minnie died. I guess that that’s normal, but… I don’t know; she has always loved school, and now, she hates it. Her teacher called to me and told me that she had written a form of a message on the roof and that she had admitted that it was her who did it once, but said that it wasn’t she later. I don’t know, maybe I’m just too worried. But she has been so introspective.”
  • “I guess she’s just shocked about Minnie’s death. But I’m worried about Charlie’s death too. Maybe it is she who killed him, I’ll speak to her this weekend.” I was terrified. How could they even think about it? That I killed Charlie? Why can’t anyone believe me?

The 24 hours ran away. I didn’t dig Minnie up. I’ll never do it. I hate her and I won’t do anything that she want’s me to do. 12 hours later I had changed my mind. I can hardly think about what happened. But I’ll try to tell you. I had been on the burial-ground when Minnie started to talk to me.

  • “Well, you didn’t dig me up, and I’ve made my choice. I’m sorry that I have to do this.”
  • “Do what?”
  • “Go home and see for yourself.” Her voice sounded honestly sad. I ran home and the first thing I smelled was a terrible stench. Then I smelled blood. I heard how daddy screamed and I ran into the house. Inside I found dad paralyzed. And I found mum. On the floor. And I found Charlie’s head. In the place where mum’s head should be.
  • “Dad, what has happened?”
  • “I don’t know. I was in the kitchen, and I heard her scream. I went into the living room, and I found her.”
  • “Oh, dad. It’s all my fault. I have to do a thing. Dad, I love you.

I went down to the cellar and brought a spade and ran to Minnie’s grave. I have never been that angry before.

  • “Are you satisfied now Minnie?”
  • “You haven’t dug me up yet.” Her voice was very weak. I dug as fast as I could. After a few seconds, I saw the coffin. I opened it.
  • “Lay down.” I did as she told me to. Nothing to lose anymore. Exactly when I lay down, the coffin’s lid smashed down. I heard scratch from a spade, and I couldn’t open the lid. I screamed for my life, but noon heard. I guess that I screamed for hours. At last, I had no voice left. I started to investigate the coffin, and I found the head of my mother and Charlie’s paws. The last time I watched my clock it showed: Friday the 13th at 13:00. The last time I heard Minnie she said:
  • “Revenge is sweet.”

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