How Are 21st Century Business Organizations Built?

The importance of management enhancement among business facilities and organizations around the world is indeed a serious issue to consider when it comes to realizing the different impacts of IT [Information Technology] procedures is being discussed about. The growing developments that technology and communications have taken so far have been an essential part of the growing system of technological applications. Along with the technological advancements, the social living of humans also is further enhanced.

Both economic and social lifestyles were advancing but there was no rest in incurring the best possible progress that the developers of technological systems wanted. With the introduction of computers to the society, the easier way of living and completing everyday tasks has become a trend for many industrial workers. However, as mentioned earlier, the development in the eyes of the ones who are in charge of the enhancement of the operating systems is never ending.

Hence, although there were already some great achievements in terms of the developed operating systems, things got better each time there are new innovations introduced. As for this paper, much of the advancement shall be focused upon the implementation of the . NET technologies on the existing operating systems at present. Information Technology started to boom and take over the business industries during the early 20th centuries. This development has highly alleviated the status of commerce in the society.

This has also been the reason why many companies worldwide choose to invest so much on IT processes for their businesses. Mainly to ensure their company’s capability of remaining in existence, they tend to put so much attention to how their firm keeps up with the fast-paced changing world of technology. However, is this all that there is? This paper shall be a discussion on how IT really affects the business industry as to how useful it still is for the world of commerce. Facing the Issues of the Importance of Information Technology

Investing in a company’s Information Technology sector has long been a source of argument from the very beginning of time when IT was introduced to the business industry. Many owners of big company’s would of course like to have an edge against other business venture to be able to attain leadership in their own fields of commercial business. This is why these companies tent to invest so much along with the fast paced changing systems of technology. Indeed, they view information technology as one source of insurance for their company’s lengthened existence. However, is this claim really true?

Especially when it comes to the efficiency and accuracy of information processing and data security that Information Technology promises to ensure each business company of? This is what Nicholas Carr argues with in his articles, “IT Doesn’t Matter” and “The end of corporate computing”. In these articles, Carr enlists the ways in which IT cannot sufficiently provide the companies with the competitive advantage it aims to have against other business firms by outlining several reasons on the said topic. In the paragraphs to follow, these reasons shall be discussed as well as to the Pros and Cons of Carr’s arguments.

The Pros of Carr’s Arguments on Information Technology Nicholas Carr’s articles, which were mentioned earlier, mainly points out how the fast changing world of technology makes it hard for companies worldwide to consider IT as a measure of competitive advantage against others. This is because Information Technology programs could be easily copied, changed and re-distributed due to the advanced technology itself. In this way, no company could be considered at an edge when it comes to IT. However, the question is, how does IT really affect the business activities of a certain company?

The act of generating information usually belongs to the management. However, through the integration of new technologies to this task, things could be done in a lot more easier way. The said information generated by the management through IT includes the flow of money in the company, the business operations and current market updates. These kinds of information are vital for a company’s growth. This is also the reason why IT is considered to be among the most important sector of a certain company. On the other hand, the real task of generating or using these informations still belongs to the management.

This is why Nicholas Carr argues that the IT sector is for no use at all. Indeed, the labor force from the management is the key vital element in making the informations obtained by a company useful for the business. In addition, with the fast changing Information systems recreated through the new technologies, old IT systems may even be considered obsolete after a matter of time. In addition, since IT is already available for corruption or recopying through the net, Carr considers it useless to actually invest on this sector of any company.

Instead, he reiterates that the intellectual ability of the management is still the most important factor in making company informations work for the benefit of the business itself. The Cons of the Arguments of Carr on Information Technology The article “The End of Corporate Computing” mainly depicts the situation of information technology in today’s business industries. He then claims that because of the similarities and the common characteristics of each IT systems within every company, IT can never be considered as an edge to being highly competitive against others.

Yes, this is true, but then saying that IT itself does not matter at all could be considered as an exaggeration of the matter. As said earlier, IT has alleviated the business industries so much. Today, the data of companies as well as their market could be viewed through the Internet making it possible to attract more customers at that. In this way companies who are able to catch up with the latest IT systems available for their company gains an edge against those who cannot have even an access to the said IT systems.

True, with the fast-paced life of people today, the idea of being left behind because of lack of necessary IT systems for the business may prove to be a fatal situation for a certain business venture. This then thus conclude that both the IT systems of a company along with the intellectual abilities of its management sector should work together to attain the aimed development for any growing business firm. However, there are still some business individuals who are not able to recognize the fact that too much of everything is also dangerous.

As for example, McAfee’s “Do you have too much IT” pinpoints that the existence of too much computer or electronic drive systems in the business industries have also caused problems especially with regards to the security of different matters that are displayed by the company through the Internet. This is mainly because of the fact that there are a lot of people that are able to visit the Internet freely and are not bounded by any certain hindrances. Thus, making it possible for some computer experts to perform illegal theft activities, which could be incurred through the Internet applications provided too by the worldwide web.

Certainly, there is a big reason why there are still many experts who are not amiable to making full use of IT as a generator for business transactions especially with regards to money matters. However, it should always be considered by the said experts that with ample control, security measures and other points of consideration that could be carried on through by the companies operating within the Internet systems, an expected good result could still be predicted in the future. Hence, this means that IT does matter, although there are some measures of concern that should be considered during its operation.

Living in a high tech society requires of so much advancement especially in the field of commerce. Being able to market ones products or services to a bigger number of customers might mean that a company must be able to obtain the most advanced technology there is. Indeed, taking advantage of what technology has to offer, such as Information Technology, is a vital part of a company’s growth in today’s internationalized industries. Remember though that it must also be always taken into account that these IT systems would never work without the efficiency and effort of human labor such as the management.

The integration of these two sectors in a business firm would surely bring a company to its peak state. No, Information technology is not yet dead. In the business industry, it is still and will continuously be a part of any emerging company’s growth in the globalization of the business industries. The E-Business Strategies and their Growth in the Business Industries Globalization has long been opening a wide array of challenges to the business industries around the world. At all costs, many global corporations opted to continuously cope up with the challenges of the business systems offered through globalizing strategies.

Then, just when the global companies have already adjusted to the needs of the global systems, another challenge opens up as the Internet systems enter the scenes of the business world. Today, one of the trends in the business marketing strategies is the invasion of the cyber industry. Hence, the systems of globalization have offered more and more challenges for business organizations. The competition among industries with regards to how fast and how vast their consumer relations are has grown ever tighter.

In this regard, the necessary strategies to make a successful cyber business shall be discussed in this paper, which would be mainly based upon a major company, which is involved in computer manufacturing activities. Hence, through this, the essential factors making up a successful online business would be introduced and closely examined. Benefits of E-Business As mentioned earlier, the Internet has mostly invaded the entire human activities, and in this manner, even business transactions became a new approach of the Internet to invite surfers to appreciate the business services available through the cyber space.

As an example, a common resource provided by the Internet is a worldwide system for sending and receiving electronic mail, known as E-mail. In fact, E-mail represents a large portion of all Internet traffic and is for many the only Internet resource they use. In this manner of transferring data, many business companies are able to transact with their consumers from other parts of the world simply by posting the details of their company through the net for international viewing.

After which, the consumers who are interested in their products or services are able to have options of ordering for services and products offered by the said company and pay for the provisions through wire transfers and other bank to bank transactions. How does this benefit the company? In a vivid description, the company is able to advertise and reach a vast number of consumers around the globe, making it possible for them to accumulate more and more sales revenues from their Internet marketing strategies.

Through the animated presentations, the company is also able to make a clear presentation of its missions and visions which makes its reputation more acceptable for the consumers as well. Aside form this; the company is able to ensure its consumers with fine service without actually having to personally deal with them. Thus, this paves way to a more effective consumer communication since all the necessary details they need to know about the company or the product they ought to have is available within a click of the finger. Thus, the company is able to give its consumers a fine service at their own convenience.

Knowing this, since the manufacturing company named B&H Incorporated is a computer manufacturing company, it is indeed necessary for them to upgrade to becoming a click and mortar type of business organization. Many consumers needing computer paraphernalia and other products in connection to computers usually check the Internet for necessary information. This is the reason why B&H Incorporated should be able to innovate their business systems through the use of e-business strategies. Changes in Marketing Since the business approach is sure to change, the marketing strategies are also sure to take large adjustments.

Thus, this means that additional training should be catered well by the company as they take the necessary steps in entering the e-business industries. As for example, the old advertising systems used by the company is based upon catalogue posts, newspaper announcements and television commercials. The new approach of marketing in the e-business approach would be mainly based upon flash animations, computer effects and further more innovations applied through computer skills in making the company program, which would be used in the company’s Internet website, which would be created for its e-business transactions.

Take for example the company of COCA COLA organizations. Marketing as we all know is the branch of a certain company or business responsible for advertising and promoting the products of the said venture. This branch of the business industry deals with many different factors both in and out of the community it is existing with, just to be able to come up with a certain formula or a decision on what type of marketing strategy is going to be used. Meaning, the main purpose of putting effort in making a good marketing strategy is to be able to convert possible prospect buyers to become frequent users of the company’s products.

True, if a certain company is a producer of one kind of product, the marketing branch is treated as the core of this business as it is the branch that determines the sales, profit or loss of that certain company. Thus, it is just so important to be able to know about the surviving strategies of one company concerning that it operates both globally and domestically. How does one company manage to handle the different factors and difficulties of setting up a trend in a target community considering that that company doesn’t have it’s main branch within the area specified?

How are they able to keep up with their selling activities amidst all the problems that arise and the changes that occur within a certain community every now and then? In this paper, the author has chosen the Coca Cola Company to be a sample company to be examined with regards to its global and domestic operations. Close observations on its marketing activities shall be researched upon and be given evaluation. This paper shall be divided in three parts mainly the environmental, the technological and the social factors that affects marketing strategies of a certain business organization, namely, the Coca Cola Company.

But first and foremost, it must be known how this company started. Coca Cola as the company claims, “exists to benefit and refresh everyone it touches”… It has been founded in 1886 and is now known as one of the world’s leading manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of non alcoholic beverages, concentrates and syrups. This company produces also around 400 different brands of such kinds of products. Their corporate head quarters are located in Atlanta and has local operations in over 200 countries.

As it could be seen, it all began in a small scale business and grew to a world renowned company mostly popular to all ranges of ages all over the globe. How did they do it? They gave importance to the three major factors that could help boost the marketing strategies of a certain company. What is referred to as the environment by marketing? It could consist of the climate, the location and the people who are in one community, which a certain business industry targets to be its prospect market. How did the Coca Cola Company face this factor?

First, as we all are aware of, the said company is known both over the places that are not so much developed, and especially the most developed lands. This means, each community has different demands when it comes to drinking different beverages. It also concerns how the prospect customers could buy the product in a frequent basis if the climate from every place vary every now and then. It only shows that it is very important for the Coca Cola Company to be able to convince the people to buy their products time and again. In this case, the cross selling or up selling is considered by the company.

In some ways, some people from different countries could have a variety of choices of beverages they would rather drink depending on the climate their community experiences from time to time. It is very important that a company such as Coca Cola, be able to get along with the advancement of technology. As for example, the usage of Internet access, the television, media advertising, radios commercials and even on national and local broad sheets in a certain country. All these, and more are often used by the company of Coca Cola to be able to invite more and more customers world wide.

As for example, In the late 1950’s, James Vicary claimed to have conducted a study in a New Jersey, U. S. A. , Movie Theater in which the words “Drink Coca-Cola” and “Eat Popcorn” were flashed on the screen during the movie. The messages appeared for only a fraction of a second, too briefly to make an impression on the conscious mind. Yet, according to Vicary, they resulted in an increase in the sale of Coca-Cola and popcorn. Yes, recent studies show how effective TV and Internet sources are when it comes to influencing specially the kids in buying several products such as soft drinks.

These strategies are considered to be much effective to be used by producers. Mainly, the ideal aim of marketing is to give the people what they need and to provide them the things that they want. Obviously, the Coca Cola Company has proved to be able to meet this factor in marketing. In Japan for example, it has been reported that the Coca Cola company gained 60 percent of the soft-drink market in the said country by making its drink sweeter—just what the Japanese wanted. Thus, it is true that foreign companies that employ such marketing strategies have been immensely successful.

Aside from the taste Coca Cola also provides their customers the necessary informations they need to know about the products so as to gain their customer’s trust and be able to retain their loyalty to the said products. Yes, indeed Coca Cola proves to be among the pioneers in using several effective marketing strategies in both global and domestic operations and became immensely successful in implementing such strategies. What about the other companies in the industry? What could be learned from them with regards the establishment of the 21st century business organizations?

The Success and Failures of dot. com Companies The dot. com dot. bomb issue has long been plaguing the Internet world as it has been open to investors and stockholders. What actually happened to this phenomenon? The companies, which were established as dot. com organizations failed to see the need of adjusting to the cyber systems as far as their employee skills are concerned. Certainly, even though there is an Internet assistance offered through the websites, there should still be some personnel assigned to meet the customer’s needs through live chats and other means of communication.

This would mean that their employees should undergo extra training processes regarding this matter. The successful companies on the other hand such as Amazon. com provides fine service through support services from crews of the company available through the Internet at almost any time. Their transactions too were highly secured that made their consumers feel at ease as they take the option of dealing with the company through the net. The Differences between E-business and the Integrated Organizations

Certainly, for e-business organizations, the costs may be much less since the only expense they have to pay would be the Internet services and the website fees. However, their inability to deal personally with their consumers hurt their organizations in a service based evaluation. On the other hand, the integrated organizations having a physical establishment along with a website established through the cyber space have bigger chances of catering to more consumers while catering to their needs at the best possible way there is. Expenses may be higher but the return for these companies sure are worth enough for risking.

True, the globalization of business systems has been a cause for advancements in the business systems created for both the business organizations and the consumers as well. The latest fad of entering the e-business has also helped in making the necessary changes in the business industry a worthwhile form of adjustment for profit and service oriented business companies. Conclusion With the introduction of the computer technology to the human society during the 19th Century, the works or the tasks of people have been further created with ease.

With the implementation of computer systems within the existing systems of completion for human tasks, the jobs of people, which can be merged with technological arrangements, were enhanced to becoming easily completed. Today, 95% of the whole population of man all around the world utilizes the computer systems for their everyday application. Even ordinary appliances are now compiled with complex operating systems based upon computer arrangements to be able to meet the best possible performance that they could render the human society. (Tanenbaum, 2006, 15)

Now, even more complex role is played by the application of operating systems in the daily dealings of people has been introduced. With the development of the communication systems such as the internet, learning from home, using top of the art facilities and technologies became possible for many students who cannot attend universities because of some unavoidable circumstances. Through the existence of the emerging technological innovation on communication and information transfer, everything became possible and available through the Internet.

As of the present situation, there are still other innovations that have been affected by the developing Operating Systems. The world trade systems has become more easy for the traders since the Internet systems allow them to connect with others easily and effectively transact with their business partners abroad. (Tanenbaum, 2006, 19) This fact certainly brings about the fact that managers of different business organizations should recognize the possibilities that put their responsibilities to the business at a certain height that requires them to adjust with the changes.

These changes are considerable in line with the globalization procedures that are bound to increase the capability of business organizations to expand world wide thus giving the managers a larger scale of responsibilities that they need to face with in their profession. True, the challenge is serious, however, accomplishing victory on it would naturally bring forth progress in the world’s business industries and world economy. REFERENCES: Tim Cohn. (1998). Advanced Marketing Consultants. http://www. marketingprinciples. com/marketstrategy/default. asp? cat=117. (September 13, 2007))

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