Examples Of Acute Injuries Health And Social Care Essay

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To be fit and healthy it is of import that you exercise, nevertheless, exert excessively much and you could wound yourself. This can be caused by ;

An accident while developing

Insufficient equipment

Pushing yourself excessively difficult

Not warming up decently

Sports hurts can be classed into two classs ;

Acute hurt

Overuse hurt

An acute hurt is on in which there is rapid oncoming of hurting is ensuing from an incident that has been traumatic for illustration, an hurt. It is usually impact on a specific portion of the organic structure.

Examples of acute hurts are ;

Sprains are hurts to ligaments by stretching them excessively far or by being torn. Ligaments are hempen tissue which holds castanetss together every bit good as to maintain your organic structure in place forestalling any unwanted motions. Examples of ligaments are ; the calcaneoifbular ligament in the mortise joint which is the damaged ligament in the image on the right.

A sprain is an hurt to a musculus or to a sinew. Muscles move your skeleton and this in bend pulls on a sinew which is connected to a bone. Both can be stretched but if they are stretched to far it can do a tear in it.

A bruise or contusion in common footings, is one of the most common athleticss hurts. These occur when a blood vas underneath the tegument ruptures due to compressive force to a musculus. Blood so leaks into the dermis bed of the tegument, doing stain. This can besides happen to variety meats.

Dislocation is the separation of two castanetss at their meeting articulation due to sudden force to the joint ; this is clearly shown by the image on the left. Therefore, the bone is no longer in its normal place. Dislocation can do harm to the tissues environing the bone every bit good as any ligaments attached to the bone. Damage can besides be done to the blood vass and nervousnesss.

A break is a status where the bone has broken or when there is a cleft nowadays in the bone. These occur due to high force or emphasis on the bone. Fractures can happen in any bone in the human organic structure, nevertheless, castanetss can usually defy most impacts and it is merely if the force is excessively much it fractures. There are several different categories which breaks can be classed into ; all are identified on the right.

Closed/Simple break is when the bone is merely damaged and there has been no harm done to the tissue or tegument environing the bone.

Compound/Open break is when the tegument or tissue environing the break has been damaged. There is a higher hazard of infection with this type due to the harm to the tegument.

Overuse hurts are those that are caused by repeating actions which damage sinews, ligaments, musculuss and tissues in the same topographic point over a period of clip.

Common overexploitation hurts are ;

Tennis cubitus is due to hurt of both the musculus and sinew on the exterior of the radius and ulna, or more specifically the sidelong epicondyle. It is caused my overexploitation of the forearm musculuss ensuing in hurting. It is most common in tennis participants ; nevertheless, you do non necessitate to be a tennis drama to acquire this.

Golfer ‘s cubitus is a similar status to tennis cubitus, merely this status affects the musculus and sinews on the interior of the arm.

Iliotibial set syndrome ( ITBS ) is caused by insistent injury to the Iliotibial set which is present in legs and runs along the exterior of the thigh which keeps the articulatio genus in topographic point as it flexes and extends. ITBS is the overexploitation of this set ensuing in hurting specifically during running and redness of the iliotibial set.

A Shin splint occur when there is a repeating and a big sum of exercising being done. This puts big sums of force per unit area onto the leg which can do hurt to the bone and tissue that surrounds it. Shin splints can besides be where little cryings develop in the interosseous membrane in the leg or bantam breaks develop on the surface of the shinbone.

Sports hurts are really common. One of which is a broken leg, this happened to American football broad receiving system Tyrone Prothro who played for the University of Alabama between 2003 and 2005.

On 1st October 2005, during a game versus the Florida Gators, Prothro went for a touchdown base on balls and got hit in the air and the manner he landed on the land he fractured both the shinbone and calf bone.

Since the leg is deformed, this would be classed as a terrible shinbone and fibula break ensuing in the inability to stand and walk every bit good as failing in both the leg and pes. Damage was more than probably done to the environing tissue, nervousnesss and blood vass.

First assistance

First assistance is really of import when it comes to an injured individual. There are a figure of regulations in which you can follow ;

DR ABC is a mnemotechnic which is used shortly after person got injured ;

Danger –

Check the country and do certain you and the people around you are safe, particularly the injured individual.

Response –

Can the injured individual hear you?

Can they open and shut their eyes?

Any motions?

Response to touch?

Airway –

Is there a obstruction in the pharynx or have they swallowed their lingua?

Is the caput in a suited place to let external respiration?

Care should be taken non to do anything worse but the air passage must be cleared if it is blocked.

Breathing –

Can the injured individual breathe clearly?

Circulation –

Is there a pulsation?

Is the pulse weak / strong / racing

R.I.C.E is another mnemonic that is used for tissue hurts ;

Rest –

This is of import for mending the organic structure as without it more strain would be placed on the injured country taking to more hurt.

Ice –

Ice is perfect for cut downing redness and any hurting caused. It is recommended that you ice for 20 proceedingss and so no ice for 20 proceedingss. This can cut down the opportunity of acquiring frostbite, every bit good as wrapping the ice in a towel before puting it on the injured country. If you use the ice for excessively long, this can protract the repairing clip as it will curtail the blood flow to the country, which can cut down the foods acquiring the tissues of the injured country.

Compression –

Compaction is used to cut down the puffiness that is from redness but everyone does acquire some puffiness. For this an elastic patch is better as it does non curtail the blood flow every bit is non to be excessively tight.

ElevationA­ –

Elevation is good at cut downing swelling by the higher sum of blood which returns to the systemic circulation.

This interruption is easy to name by the usage of modern imaging techniques ;

X raies

CT scan

Magnetic resonance imagings scan

Bone scan

Extremity ultrasound

However, in Tyrone Prothro fortunes, he was given an X-ray as this was the fastest technique to utilize and is the least expensive.

X raies are high photon energy electromagnetic radiation which can be used in both diagnosing and therapy. As the beams pass thought the organic structure, the photons present in your organic structure are absorbed at different rates ; this is what produces the image. The stuffs in your organic structure which are heavy, like bone, show up as white countries on the image. The parts of your organic structure which are made of softer stuff, like musculuss and variety meats, show up as darker countries. X raies can be unsafe if the does given is excessively much for the organic structure, nevertheless, medical X raies are usually are a really little dose degree, intending the opportunity of radiation harm to your organic structure is little.

Due to the manner in which Tyrone Prothro fractured his shinbone and calf bone, surgery had to be the option due to being the quickest option as without it, it would take old ages to mend or might ne’er mend and will invariably be in hurting. He had to acquire three separate surgeries due to the harm done to the tissue, nervus and blood vas harm.

The physicians put an intramedullary rod in his leg which will aline the leg and aid to repair the break.

The IM rod was inserted into the inside of the castanetss, where the bone marrow is present. This is the best manner to assist mend the broken shinbone and calf bone as it does non back up the bone ; alternatively it portions the burden with the bone.

Rehabilitation of the broken shinbone and calf bone would be used to reconstruct the map of the limb, every bit best as possible and to cut down the uncomfortableness the patient is in. The patient may necessitate the usage of crutches, depending on the weight bearing place.

The physician may besides make up one’s mind if Tyrone would necessitate the usage of an orthopedic dramatis personae, which means the leg would be covered by plaster to make a shell type shell. This is to cut down the motion the injured limb to make which will diminish the healing clip. Once the dramatis personae has been removed, the patient will hold to see a physical therapist to recover strength and scope of gesture in the leg. However, it will ne’er be the same as what he had before the hurt.

Both the shinbone and calf bone may get down to mend within 6 to 16 hebdomads of the hurt, but the capableness of the bone to prolong a heavy burden could take up to a twelvemonth, intending the injured may be is some kind of uncomfortableness until so.




Fracture, Tibia or Fibula

Physical Therapist

Up to 20 visits within 8 hebdomads



Fracture, Tibia or Fibula

Physical Therapist

Up to 16 visits within 8 hebdomads

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.mdguidelines.com/fracture-tibia-or-fibula/rehabilitation

The tabular array is how frequently you would hold to see a physical therapist if you had a broken shinbone and calf bone. Or Tyrone Prothro, surgery was the option, intending one time he was released from infirmary and ready, he would hold to see the physical therapist 16 times within the infinite of 8 hebdomads, means 2 times a hebdomad.

Due to the harm that was done and his leg ne’er to the full retrieving, intending he was advised ne’er to play football once more, his calling finished.

Prevention of athleticss hurts

There are six stairss that are extremely of import to cut down the hazard of athleticss hurts ;

Warm up

Do non over do it

Stay hydrated

Using the right technique

Use of the proper equipment

Cool down

Sports business

The athleticss profession that I have chosen to analyze in this unit is physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy helps to reconstruct the map and motion in any portion of the organic structure where the homo has been consequence by a disablement, unwellness or hurt. This is usually done through motion, exercising and instruction.

The American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties ( ABPTS ) , province that there are 8 believable types of physical therapy ;

Sports – This has to be the most common type of physical therapy, being used every twenty-four hours. It is the direction of hurts for all types of jocks, amateur to Olympian. It involves the intervention and healing of hurts.

Orthopedic – This type helps to place and care for hurts or upsets of the musculoskeletal system.

Pediatric – This type is all about bettering coordination and balance within a human every bit good as their motor accomplishments. It can besides be used to concentrate on strength and endurance. Worlds with conditions such as, spina bifida and intellectual paralysis. Normally this is used on kids and striplings.

Cardiovascular and Pneumonic – This is for the intervention of worlds with cardiovascular and pneumonic upsets, every bit good as those who have had cardiac or pneumonic surgery such as, beltway surgery. This is used in worlds with the undermentioned upsets ; pneumonic fibrosis, CORD ( Chronic Obstructive Respiratory Disease ) , bosom onslaughts.

Geriatric – This type of physical therapy is for the huge sum of conditions that affect worlds as they grow old and hence would merely be practiced on the aged. A few illustrations of the conditions are as follows ; Alzheimer ‘s disease, malignant neoplastic disease, arthritis and osteoporosis.

Neurological – This type is practiced on those with a neurological upset such as, Alzheimer ‘s disease, intellectual paralysis, Parkinson ‘s disease and motor neurone disease

Clinical electrophysiology – This type usually is used with electrophysiological rating where an EMG ( electromyography ) is used.

Integumentary – This is used as a intervention for tegument and organ conditions like Burnss and lesions.

University degree

Physiotherapy is degree based calling, intending you have to travel through university if you wish to go a physical therapist.

University of Ulster is the lone university in Northern Ireland to offer a grade, specifically, a BSc Hons in physical therapy. ‘The university provinces that appliers must ;

Keep a GCSE base on balls in English Language at Grade C or above ( or equivalent ) .A

You must besides hold obtained a GCSE base on balls in Mathematicss at grade C or above ( or equivalent ) .

A degree

Grades BBB to include one scientific discipline topic from Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics or Double Award Applied ScienceA ( with a BB in Double Award Applied Science ) .

Irish Leaving Certificate

B2B2B3B3B3 at higher degree – to include two topics from Maths, Physics, Biology or Chemistry.

English and Maths Grade D at Higher Level or Grade C at Ordinary Level.

BTEC National Diploma

Successful completion of a scientific discipline related BTEC National Diploma with a DDM profile.A

Base on balls with overall norm of 70 – 71 % to include 70 % in each concluding twelvemonth faculty. Concluding twelvemonth faculties must include 2 from the followers: – Mathematicss ( with maths to be presented at degree 3 ) , Biology, Physics, Chemistry.

Applicants must besides sit the Health Professions Admissions Test consequences in a satisfactory public presentation in the HPAT.

Equally good as proving all campaigners are required to undergo a medical scrutiny and condemnable records cheque ( AccessNI ) . ‘

hypertext transfer protocol: //prospectus.ulster.ac.uk/course/ ? id=9773

BSc Hons in Physiotherapy is a three twelvemonth class consequences in peoples run intoing the demand of physical therapists in the current wellness attention system, the NHS or via private patterns.

In each of the three old ages you study ;

Year 1

Development of professional individuality and professionalism – ‘Knowledge and Skills for Professional Practice ‘ , and ‘Communication and Psychology for the Health Sciences ‘ .

An apprehension of nucleus topics: Physiology and, Structure, Function and Assessment of the Human Body.

Specific accomplishments are taught with respect to cardio-respiratory, galvanism, walking rehabilitation and curative exercising.

Students undertake a one hebdomad orientation and a six hebdomad clinical arrangement.

Year 2

Neurological rehabilitation.

Spinal disfunction and rehabilitation.




Amputation rehabilitation.

Students undertake two six hebdomad clinical arrangements.

Year 3

Cardio-respiratory and professional issues develop consciousness of the function of the physical therapist within the multidisciplinary squad and in a altering clinical environment.

Students undertake an fact-finding undertaking or thesis

Students undertake two six hebdomad clinical arrangements.

hypertext transfer protocol: //prospectus.ulster.ac.uk/course/ ? id=9773

Professional Administrations

Once you have completed the class, you leave with a BSc ( Bachelor of Science ) in Physiotherapy and are hence eligible for ‘registration with the Health and Care Professions Council ( HCPC ) , this was set up with the Health Service reform 2002 and rank of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy ( CSP ) .

As a physical therapy pupil at the University of Ulster, they recommend that you join CSP every bit shortly as possible with rank being a one off payment.

Personal Qualities

As a physical therapist it is of import that they are fit and healthy, to put an illustration to your clients. Good communicating and societal accomplishments are cardinal to guarantee a good relationship between the healer and the patient. Tolerance and forbearance is an of import quality, due to this being a really manus on calling.


Beyond obtaining the BSc in physical therapy, you can either travel into a calling or make a graduate student grade, MSc which is a Maestro of Science. The University of Ulster offers Physiotherapy at MSc degree. If one does non desire to travel on to make a graduate student grade so it is possible to travel into the universe of work, the possibilities are eternal with physical therapy due to the huge sums of athleticss played in the universe or any other types of physical therapy ( ABPTS ) are needed on a day-to-day footing.

NHS V. Private Care

There are assorted occupations available on the NHS ( National Health Service ) and private practicians, both of which are extremely regarded.

With the NHS based occupations, they would be working in a infirmary environment and are needed in most of the sections ;


Intensive attention

Women ‘s wellness

Care of the aged

Stroke patients


Mental unwellness

Learning troubles

Occupational wellness

Terminally ill


This means that they will invariably be on the clocked and needed for assorted things. Physical therapists do non merely work in the infirmary environing ; they would work in assorted environments ;


Particular schools

The private sector ( for illustration, private pattern )


Leisure & A ; athletics

For physical therapists that are in the private sector would work in the same rules as those on the NHS, nevertheless, the private subdivision physios will hold to be paid for.

There are three sets for physical therapists on the NHS, all have a different wage ;

21,176 – ?27,534 ( band 5 )

25,472 – ?34,189 for specializer physical therapists ( band 6 )

30,460 – ?40,157 for advanced physical therapists ( band 7 )

The physical therapists that work in the private sector will by and large hold the same wage as those on the NHS.

Medical Physics – Roger Muncaster

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