Essay about Amul Project

This project has given us the opportunity to know numerous things about advertising strategies. This project has also helped us boost-up our self-confidence and competency. WE would like to take this opportunity to thank our Prof: Mrsfor giving us an opportunity to work on this project of marketing management for providing with valuable information and guidance wherever and whenever we required it. Finally, we would like to thank all the staff of BACHELOR OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES (BMS) for always helping us.

Introduction Amul(“priceless in Sanskrit. The brand name “Amul,” from the Sanskrit “Amoolya,” (meaning Precious) was suggested by a quality control expert in Anand. ) formed in 1946, is a dairy cooperative in India. It is a brand name managed by an apex cooperative organisation, Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. (GCMMF), which today is jointly owned by some 2. 8 million milk producers in Gujarat, India AMUL is based in Anand, Gujarat and has been an example of a co-operative organization’s success in the long term.It is one of the best examples of co-operative achievement in the developing economy[citation needed].

“Anyone who has seen … the dairy cooperatives in the state of Gujarat, especially the highly successful one known as AMUL, will naturally wonder what combination of influences and incentives is needed to multiply such a model a thousand times over in developing regions everywhere. “The Amul Pattern has established itself as a uniquely appropriate model for rural development. Amul has spurred the White Revolution of India, which has made India the largest producer of milk and milk products in the world.It is also the world’s biggest vegetarian cheese brand Amul is the largest food brand in India and world’s Largest Pouched Milk Brand with an annual turnover of US $1050 million (2006–07). Currently Unions making up GCMMF have 2. 8 million producer members with milk collection average of 10. 16 million litres per day.

Besides India, Amul has entered overseas markets such as Mauritius, UAE, USA, Bangladesh, Australia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong and a few South African countries. Its bid to enter Japanese market in 1994 did not succeed, but now it has fresh plans entering the Japanese markets .Other potential markets being considered include Sri Lanka. The Taste of India, a brand so distinctively Indian has been a part of our lives for nearly five decades now and still is able to touch a chord in our hearts. As a brand AMUL has grown from being merely a differentiating factor to protect the interests of producers and consumers. AMUL inspired ‘Operation Flood’ and heralded the ‘White Revolution’ in India. It began with two village cooperatives and 250 liters of milk per day, nothing but ooze compared to the flood it has become today.

AMUL distributes over a million liters of milk per day, it also collects and processes various milk products, during the peak, on behalf of more than a thousand village individually owned by half a million farmer members. AMUL too has become a symbol of the aspirations of millions of farmers. AMUL sprung from the seeds sown in the black soil of CHAROTAR, an area in the KAIRA district of Gujarat, as a cooperative movement to empower the milk producers. At that time POLSON Dairy was the biggest buyer of the milk being produced in KAIRA. Polson was built on the basis of providing superior quality products to up-market consumers.However Polson’s products were not the reason that led to the rise of AMUL, it was its exploitative practices that started the cooperative revolution. For several years the KAIRA cooperative supplied milk and allied products without a formal distribution network leave alone a brand name.

The name Amul was most probably suggested by a quality control expert in Anand. It was derived from ”Amulya”, which in Sanskrit, Gujarati and many other Indian languages, means priceless, and implies matchless excellence. The name was short, memorable and easily pronounced.It could also serve as an acronym for the organization – the unusable KDCMPUL (Kaira District Cooperative Milk Producer’s Union Limited) taken from Kaira Cooperative’s full name, could be substituted by AMUL, standing for Anand Milk Union Limited. Even though AMUL products have been in use in millions of homes since 1946, the brand AMUL was registered only in 1957. SUCCESS As AMUL is recognised as the country’s largest milk producing cooperative it has tied up with global supermarket chain WALMART to sell its range of dairy products and have also tied up with Glaxo over the production of baby food in India.Amul added sweet buttermilk powder, a second brand of baby food and a high protein weaning food.

It also sells its products to Nepal. Now India is looking to capture neighbourhood markets like Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. These countries import over 50,000 tonnes of milk each annually ;amp; Sri Lanka is flooded with an Indonesian brand, which is said to be of an inferior quality and also costs less. These countries import tonnes of milk every year. AMUL’S Indian desserts are very well liked in countries like Singapore and Malaysia.Amul has list of products marketed to various countries few of its products are Amul butter, Amul cooking butter, Amul cheese spread, Amul pizza cheese, Amul shrikhand, Amul fresh cream, Amul fat milk, Amul pure ghee, Amulya dairy whitener, Sagar Tea and Coffee whitener, Amul butter milk, Amul ice creams like cassata , cool candy and frostik, Amul milk chocolate and Amul Eclairs. Amul has started preparing and selling pizza slices that prominently feature generous portions of Amul cheese.

Amul’s pizza slices are being sold through super markets and large departmental stores that have snack counters AMUL is considered as India’s best known local Brand across all categories. Indians prefer Dairy Ice cream rather than frozen desserts and Amul has a wide range in the dairy ice cream segment, 35% market share in the national Ice Cream market. Amul is biggest sourcing base for milk products in India, people are more comfortable buying products in the Value for Money segment and Amul is well present in this division.Amul has built up a terrifying image as a brand in which generations of customers have placed their trust, coming to pricing strategy Amul is the price warrior and currently has a very wide range of products to offer for all price points. Amul is recognized for well established distribution and delivery network for dairy products. AMUL’S success led to the creation of similar structures of milk producers in other districts of Gujarat. They drew on AMUL’S experience in project planning and finishing.

This patter was not only followed in KAIRA district but also in Baroda and Surat district.In these districts, they experienced and found easy and effortless ways to adapt Amul’s game plan to their respective areas. This led to the Creation of the National Dairy Development Board with the clear mandate of replicating the ‘Anand pattern’ in other parts of the country. Initially the pattern was followed for the dairy sector but at a later stage oilseeds, fruit and vegetables, salt, and tree sectors also benefited from it’s success. Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) is India’s largest food products marketing organization.Amul is state level apex body of milk cooperatives in Gujarat which aims to provide remunerative returns to the farmers and serves the interest of consumers by providing quality products. It has been awarded a “Trading House” status & has received the APEDA Award from Government of India for Excellence in Dairy Product Exports for the last 8 years.

Amul is in a position to manage these assets to effectively command the market leader’s position in the emerging fresh dairy products market because of its milk processing capacity.Amul has always been a model to which other cooperatives have looked up as an example and inspiration as well as one from which many have benefited. Success in Distribution: The major development on the distribution front was the development and alignment of four distribution highways-those of Fresh Products, Chilled Products, Frozen Products and Ambient Products. This is a significant achievement because it allows them to develop synergies among all product lines and to leverage these highways to introduce and distribute new products as per market demand.No other organization in India has been able to develop this kind of channel synergy so far Products Marketed: Breadspreads: ?? Amul Butter ?? Amul Lite Low Fat Breadspread ?? Amul Cooking Butter Cheese Range: ?? Amul Pasteurized Processed Cheddar Cheese ?? Amul Processed Cheese Spread ?? Amul Pizza (Mozarella) Cheese ?? Amul Shredded Pizza Cheese ?? Amul Emmental Cheese ?? Amul Gouda Cheese ?? Amul Malai Paneer (cottage cheese) ?? Utterly Delicious Pizza Mithaee Range (Ethnic sweets): ?? Amul Shrikhand (Mango, S affron, Almond Pistachio, Cardamom) ?? Amul Amrakhand ??Amul Mithaee Gulabjamuns ?? Amul Mithaee Gulabjamun Mix ?? Amul Mithaee Kulfi Mix ?? Avsar Ladoos UHT Milk Range: ?? Amul Shakti 3% fat Milk ?? Amul Taaza 1. 5% fat Milk ?? Amul Gold 4. 5% fat Milk ?? Amul Lite Slim-n-Trim Milk 0% fat milk ?? Amul Shakti Toned Milk ?? Amul Fresh Cream ?? Amul Snowcap Softy Mix Pure Ghee: ?? Amul Pure Ghee ?? Sagar Pure Ghee ?? Amul Cow Ghee Infant Milk Range: ?? Amul Infant Milk Formula 1 (0-6 months) ?? Amul Infant Milk Formula 2 ( 6 months above) ?? Amulspray Infant Milk Food Milk Powders: ?? Amul Full Cream Milk Powder ?? Amulya Dairy Whitener ? Sagar Skimmed Milk Powder ?? Sagar Tea and Coffee Whitener Sweetened Condensed Milk: ?? Amul Mithaimate Sweetened Condensed Milk Fresh Milk: ?? Amul Taaza Toned Milk 3% fat ?? Amul Gold Full Cream Milk 6% fat ?? Amul Shakti Standardised Milk 4.

5% fat ?? Amul Slim ;amp; Trim Double Toned Milk 1. 5% fat ?? Amul Saathi Skimmed Milk 0% fat ?? Amul Cow Milk Curd Products: ?? Yogi Sweetened Flavoured Dahi (Dessert) ?? Amul Masti Dahi (fresh curd) ?? Amul Masti Spiced Butter Milk ?? Amul Lassee Amul Icecreams: ?? Royal Treat Range (Butterscotch, Rajbhog, Malai Kulfi) ??Nut-o-Mania Range (Kaju Draksh, Kesar Pista Royale, Fruit Bonanza, Roasted Almond) ?? Nature’s Treat (Alphanso Mango, Fresh Litchi, Shahi Anjir, Fresh Strawberry, Black Currant, Santra Mantra, Fresh Pineapple) ?? Sundae Range (Mango, Black Currant, Sundae Magic, Double Sundae) ?? Assorted Treat (Chocobar, Dollies, Frostik, Ice Candies, Tricone, Chococrunch, Megabite, Cassatta) ?? Utterly Delicious (Vanila, Strawberry, Chocolate, Chocochips, Cake Magic) Chocolate & Confectionery: ?? Amul Milk Chocolate ?? Amul Fruit & Nut Chocolate Brown Beverage: ??Nutramul Malted Milk Food Milk Drink: ?? Amul Kool Flavoured Milk (Mango, Strawberry, Saffron, Cardamom, Rose, Chocolate) ?? Amul Kool Cafe ?? Amul Kool Koko ?? Amul Kool Millk Shaake (Mango, Strawberry, Badam, Banana) Health Beverage: ?? Amul Shakti White Milk Food Amul-Pricing Strategies At the time Amul was formed, consumers had limited purchasing power, and modest consumption levels of milk and other dairy products. Thus Amul adopted a low-cost price strategy to make its products affordable and attractive to consumers by guaranteeing them value for money.Despite competition in the high value dairy product segments from firms such as Hindustan Lever, Nestle and Britannia, GCMMF ensures that the product mix and the sequence in which Amul introduces its products is consistent with the core philosophy of providing butter at a basic, affordable price to appeal the common masses. This helped AMUL BUTTER to create its brand image in the household sector of the society. Rs. 87 Rs.

18 PLACE: A Global Distributor GCMMF is India’s largest exporter of Dairy Products. It has been accorded a “Trading House” status.GCMMF has received the APEDA Award from Government of India for Excellence in Dairy Product Exports for the last 9 years. Currently Amul has 2. 41 million producer members with milk collection average of 5. 08 million litres/day. Besides India, Amul has entered overseas markets such as Mauritius, UAE, USA, Bangladesh, Australia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong and a few South African countries.

Its bid to enter Japanese market in 1994 had not succeeded, but now it has fresh plans of flooding the Japanese markets. Other potential markets being considered include Sri Lanka. PROMOTION: Initial Promotional StrategyThe butter, which had been launched in 1945, had a staid, boring image, primarily because the earlier advertising agency which was in charge of the account preferred to stick to routine, corporate ads. They didn’t help in creating a brand image of AMUL butter which was their then motive. The image they presented was, well, boring. A brand – Amul – A Taste of India However, in 1966, a man named Sylvester daCunha, from the ad agency of ASP, took over the Amul account. And in 1967 it began, innocently enough.

In India, food was something one couldn’t afford to fool around with. It had been taken too seriously, for too long.Sylvester daCunha decided it was time for a change of image. Scott Bradbury, the marketing genius behind Nike and Starbucks, once said “ A great brand is a story that is never completely told. A brand is a metaphorical story that’s evolving all the time. Stories create the emotional context people need to locate themselves in the larger experience” He could easily have been talking about the Amul moppet. Advertising Strategy An advertising strategy is a campaign developed to communicate ideas about products and services to potential consumers in the hopes of convincing them to buy those products and services.

This strategy, when built in a rational and intelligent manner, will reflect other business considerations (overall budget, brand recognition efforts) and objectives (public image enhancement, market share growth) as well. As Portable MBA in Marketing authors Alexander Hiam and Charles D. Schewe stated, a business’s advertising strategy “determines the character of the company’s public face. ” Even though a small business has limited capital and is unable to devote as much money to advertising as a large corporation, it can still develop a highly effective advertising campaign.The key is creative and flexible planning, based on an indepth knowledge of the target consumer and the avenues that can be utilized to reach that consumer. Today, most advertising strategies focus on achieving three general goals, as the Small Business Administration indicated in Advertising Your Business: 1) promote awareness of a business and its product or services; 2) stimulate sales directly and “attract competitors’ customers”; and 3) establish or modify a business’ image. In other words, advertising seeks to inform, persuade, and remind the consumer.

With these aims in mind, most businesses follow a general process which ties advertising into the other promotional efforts and overall marketing objectives of the business. STAGES OF ADVERTISING STRATEGY As a business begins, one of the major goals of advertising must be to generate awareness of the business and its products. Once the business’ reputation is established and its products are positioned within the market, the amount of resources used for advertising will decrease as the consumer develops a kind of loyalty to the product.Ideally, this established and ever-growing consumer base will eventually aid the company in its efforts to carry their advertising message out into the market, both through its purchasing actions and its testimonials on behalf of the product or service. Essential to this rather abstract process is the development of a “positioning statement,” as defined by Gerald E. Hills in “Marketing Option and Marketing” in The Portable MBA in Entrepreneurship: “A ‘positioning statement’ explains how a company’s product (or service) is differentiated from those of key competitors. With this statement, the business owner turns intellectual objectives into concrete plans.

In addition, this statement acts as the foundation for the development of a selling proposal, which is composed of the elements that will make up the advertising message’s “copy platform. ” This platform delineates the images, copy, and art work that the business owner believes will sell the product. With these concrete objectives, the following elements of the advertising strategy need to be considered: target audience, product concept, communication media, and advertising message.These elements are at the core of an advertising strategy, and are often referred to as the “creative mix. ” Again, what most advertisers stress from the beginning is clear planning and flexibility. And key to these aims is creativity, and the ability to adapt to new market trends. A rigid advertising strategy often leads to a loss of market share.

Therefore, the core elements of the advertising strategy need to mix in a way that allows the message to envelope the target consumer, providing ample opportunity for this consumer to become acquainted with the advertising message.TARGET CONSUMER The target consumer is a complex combination of persons. It includes the person who ultimately buys the product, as well as those who decide what product will be bought (but don’t physically buy it), and those who influence product purchases, such as children, spouse, and friends. In order to identify the target consumer, and the forces acting upon any purchasing decision, it is important to define three general criteria in relation to that consumer, as discussed by the Small Business Administration: 1. Demographics—Age, gender, job, income, ethnicity, and hobbies. . Behaviors—When considering the consumers’ behavior an advertiser needs to examine the consumers’ awareness of the business and its competition, the type of vendors and services the consumer currently uses, and the types of appeals that are likely to convince the consumer to give the advertiser’s product or service a chance.

3. Needs and Desires—Here an advertiser must determine the consumer needs—both in practical terms and in terms of self-image, etc. —and the kind of pitch/message that will convince the consumer that the advertiser’s services or products can fulfill those needs.PRODUCT CONCEPT The product concept grows out of the guidelines established in the “positioning statement. ” How the product is positioned within the market will dictate the kind of values the product represents, and thus how the target consumer will receive that product. Therefore, it is important to remember that no product is just itself, but, as Courtland L. Bovee and William F.

Arens stated in Contemporary Advertising, a “bundle of values” that the consumer needs to be able to identify with.Whether couched in presentations that emphasize sex, humor, romance, science, masculinity, or femininity, the consumer must be able to believe in the product’s representation. COMMUNICATION MEDIA The communication media is the means by which the advertising message is transmitted to the consumer. In addition to marketing objectives and budgetary restraints, the characteristics of the target consumer need to be considered as an advertiser decides what media to use. The types of media categories from which advertisers can choose include the following: * Print—Primarily newspapers (both weekly and daily) and magazines. Audio—FM and AM radio. * Video—Promotional videos, infomercials.

* World Wide Web. * Direct mail. * Outdoor advertising—Billboards, advertisements on public transportation (cabs, buses). After deciding on the medium that is 1) financially in reach, and 2) most likely to reach the target audience, an advertiser needs to schedule the broadcasting of that advertising. The media schedule, as defined by Hills, is “the combination of specific times (for example, by day, week, month) when advertisements are inserted into media vehicles and delivered to target audiences. ADVERTISING MESSAGE An advertising message is guided by the “advertising or copy platform,” which is a combination of the marketing objectives, copy, art, and production values. This combination is best realized after the target consumer has been analyzed, the product concept has been established, and the media and vehicles have been chosen.

At this point, the advertising message can be directed at a very concrete audience to achieve very specific goals. Hiam and Schewe listed three major areas that an advertiser should consider when endeavoring to develop an effective “advertising platform”: * What are the product’s unique features? How do consumers evaluate the product? What is likely to persuade them to purchase the product? * How do competitors rank in the eyes of the consumer? Are there any weaknesses in their positions? What are their strengths? Most business consultants recommend employing an advertising agency to create the art work and write the copy. However, many small businesses don’t have the up-front capital to hire such an agency, and therefore need to create their own advertising pieces. When doing this a business owner needs to follow a few important guidelines.COPY When composing advertising copy it is crucial to remember that the primary aim is to communicate information about the business and its products and services. The “selling proposal” can act as a blueprint here, ensuring that the advertising fits the overall marketing objectives. Many companies utilize a theme or a slogan as the centerpiece of such efforts, emphasizing major attributes of the business’s products or services in the process.

But as Hiam and Schewe caution, while “something must be used to animate the theme …care must be taken not to lose the underlying message in the pursuit of memorable advertising. When writing the copy, direct language (saying exactly what you mean in a positive, rather than negative manner) has been shown to be the most effective. The theory here is that the less the audience has to interpret, or unravel the message, the easier the message will be to read, understand, and act upon. As Jerry Fisher observed in Entrepreneur, “Two-syllable phrases like ‘free book,’ ‘fast help,’ and ‘lose weight’ are the kind of advertising messages that don’t need to be read to be effective. By that I mean they are so easy for the brain to interpret as a whole thought that they’re ‘read’ in an eye blink rather than as linear verbiage.So for an advertiser trying to get attention in a world awash in advertising images, it makes sense to try this message-in-an-eye-blink route to the public consciousness—be it for a sales slogan or even a product name. ” Its advertising has also started using tongue-in-cheek sketches starring the Amul baby commenting jovially on the latest news or current events.

This formed a large chunk of the collective memory of us Indians. We grew with them as the ads grew with us. They are quirky, poke fun at no one in particular and are pure eye-candy!We almost admire the speed with which the ad-people come up with copy and illustration for the ads, that change every few days!! From the Sixties to the Nineties, the Amul ads have come a long way. While most people agree that the Amul ads were at their peak in the Eighties they still maintain that the Amul ads continue to tease a laughter out of them The Amul ads are one of the longest running ads based on a theme, now vying for the Guinness records for being the longest running ad campaign ever. Segmentation ?? Wide range of product categories caters to consumers across all market segments.For example, Amul Kool is targeted at children, while teenagers prefer Kool Cafe, as it has a cool imagery associated with it. ?? Segmentation is not as easy in curd and low fat products, due to mixed audiences, various culinary applications , eg.

ghee, butter and cheese. “In India, the most used spread is ghee, then butter, cheese, low fat butter, margarine, cheese spread and mozzarella cheese. Targeting ?? Changing retail environment ?? Striking out on its own, with Amul Outlets or parlours to deliver consumers total brand experience ??Launched in 2002, there are now 400 Amul parlours across the country, which contributed 3% to the brand’s total turnover last year. High profile locations: Amul parlours are today present on campuses of Infosys, Wipro, IIM-A, IIT-B, Temples, Metro rail and railway stations in Gujarat. Positioning • A mass market player, no premium offerings • USP – Quality with affordability • Up against niche players – value addition to customers • Sheer size and scale of operation • New offerings for health conscious and vibrant India – Health and energy drinks ??Stamina, a health drink made from milk with added vitamin C against Red Bull and Gatorade, milk better than cola. Aimed at youngsters, priced at Rs 12 Ice-cream ?? Probiotic and sugar-free variants Chocolates ?? sugar-free brand called Choco-Mini to target the diabetic MARKETING STRATEGIES 4 MAIN STRATEGIES First is quality. No brand survives long if its quality does not equal or exceed what the buyer expects.

There simply can be no compromise. That’s the essence of the contract. In the case of a food product, this means that the brand must always represent the highest hygienic, bacteriological and organoleptic standards.It must taste good, and it must be good. Second, value for money. If our customer buys an Amul product, she gets what she pays for, and more. We have always taken pride in the fact that while we earn a good income for our owners – the dairy farmers of Gujarat – we don’t do it at the cost of exploiting the consumer.

Even when adverse conditions have reduced supplies of products like butter, we have resisted the common practice of raising prices, charging what the market would bear. Rather, we have kept prices fair and done our best to ensure that retailers do not gain at the consumers’ expense.Third, availability. A brand should be available when and where the customer wants it. There is no benefit achieved in creating a positive brand image, and then being unable to supply the customer who wants to buy it. In our case, over the years we have built what is probably the nation’s finest distribution network. We reach hundreds of cities and towns through a cold chain that not only ensures that our products are available, but they reach the customer at the farthest end of the country with the same quality as you would find in Ahmedabad or Vadodara.

Fourth, service.We have a commitment to total quality. But, occasionally, we may make a mistake – or, our customer may think we’ve made a mistake, and the customer, as they say, is always right. That is why, for Amul, every customer complaint must be heard – not just listened to. And, every customer complaint must be rectified to the extent humanly possible. For close to fifty years now, Amul has honoured its contract with the consumer. The contract that is symbolised by the Amul brand means quality.

It means value for money. It means availability. And it means service. COMPETITORS Butter Britannia • Nestle Cheese • Britannia Baby Food • Nestle • Heinz Dairy Whitener Segment • Nestle • Britannia Ice creams • HLL Chocolates & Confectionaries • Cadbury • Nestle Curd • Nestle • Mother Dairy Ultra High Treated Milk • Nestle • Britannia Sweet Condensed milk • Nestle Milk Additives • Cadbury • Smithkline Beecham Flavored Milk • Britannia • Nestle Through all the events taking place in the country, Amul always had a reply to it. It is up to date with current affairs. The first escalator in Mumbai in 1979 was celebrated with a slogan ‘Automatically Amul’.When the city witnessed a power shortage, the Amul girl said ‘Ta ta power? , Amul, Unlimited Supply’.

When the Mumbai police were dealing with underworld don Dawood Ibrahim’s sister Haseena Parkar in cases ranging from extortion to cheating and forgery in May this year, the hoarding simply said ‘Haseena Maan Jayegi? ’ In the early ‘90s, when the colas were getting popular, the tongue-in-cheek remark was ‘Eat the Real Thing’. When the world feared a collapse on Y2K, Amul girl interpreted the phenomenon as ‘Yes to Khana’. The Amul girl, apart from promoting a $1-billion brand, has been bringing smiles to millions.And this smile has spelt a huge success and changed the livelihood of over 2. 5 million Gujarat farmers. The sales figures of Amul butter have jumped from a few lakh rupees in 1966 to over Rs 500 crore now. Apart from rapid growth and trustworthiness, the four-year-old girl has also ensured a virtual monopoly for Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd (GCMMF) that sells Amul brand of dairy products.

In the last four decades, the girl has dealt with all the contemporary issues – be it politics, sports, society, entertainment, art, weather, infrastructure, science or technology.But despite the cut throat competition in FMCG sector, GCMMF is not spending more than Rs 2 crore on Amul butter advertisements annually on the country’s oldest running campaign. The agency, daCunha Communications, which gave a face to brand Amul, doesn’t need to run to the client every time for getting the art work approved. The agency claims that even the top management comes to know about the art work when the advertisement goes on the hoardings. From the Sixties to the Nineties, the Amul ads have come a long way.While most people agree that the Amul ads were at their peak in the Eighties they still maintain that the Amul ads continue to tease a laughter out of them. Where does Amul’s magic actually lie? Many believe that the charm lies in the catchy lines.

That we laugh because the humour is what anybody would enjoy. They don’t pander to your nationality or certain sentiments. It is pure and simple, everyday fun. The success story of Amul says one thing to all the other ad campaigns that did not manage to last too long or had to get a whole new look in order to stay in the market.Its a mixture of keeping with the times, humor and understanding the need of the hour of the people. Amul boardings are a thing of attractions in India. Who can forget the Amul Butter Girl? We have all at some point looked at the chubby-cheeked, round-eyed girl with the red polka dotted dress winking at us through the billboards and chuckled.

The longest running advertising campaign (holds a Guiness World Record) has still not lost its charm and we hope it stays that way. Originally used for Amul Butter, the mascot is now also used for other Amul products like chocolates and milk as well today.Even today the Amul mascot has remained the same and so has the tagline “Utterly Butterly Delicious. ” What is it about this ad that even after almost 30 odd years it still is popular among people? The answer would lie in the fact that the Amul ads focus on current events and news. The humorous take on the events and regular updates is what makes them very popular. They use billboards where the Amul girl jovially comments on the current affairs of the country. The puns made in these advertisements hit the right chord with the audience.

The X-factor of the Amul girl (keep it consistent…is it the amul baby or the amul girl? is the fact that it was made in a way that every housewife of India is charmed by the 4-year-old girl eating butter. Giving the Message: Butter is an essential part of breakfast in almost every household and people do discuss the current affairs on the dining table and Amul manages to capture these moments by showcasing the connection in their advertising. It is topical. Amul has been a social observer. Now that the summer heat is scorching high, we can see hoardings declaring, “Beat the heat. Just Eat. Amul The Cool Butter.

” They have also made one on the Reliance issue saying, “From Bye Bye To Bhai Bhai.Amul The Cool Butter. ” The tongue in cheek remarks about the issues, the puns made is what connects the product with the audience. The Amul Girl, not just brings business to the corporation but has also been spreading smiles. Amul’s sales figures are always jumping. It has created many job opportunities for people. Amul was also responsible for what is called ‘White Revolution.

’ The Amul Girl has dealt with all the possible contemporary issues-be it politics, sports, entertainment, social issues, crime etc. The Amul Girl has always had something to say about every issue that’s puzzling the nation.Yes, the magic of these advertisements lie in the catchy one-liners. It doesn’t fail to grab people’s attention. And who doesn’t love a little humor, anyway? Amul advertisements on the back of the butter covers are funny and catchy. These ads are not just a source of entertainment though; they also make us aware of the events going on around us, making us think about it. Amul (acronym for Anand Milk Union Limited) happens to be the brand name for one of the most successful co-operative organizations around India.

Amul has also been famous since decades for the adverts that it has launched all over the country.These adverts are related with the current happenings from around the planet and are always appreciated by the on-lookers. Even during the current global crisis Amul didn’t bring down the frequency of the advertisements which is another example of how to stay in touch with your customers even when the amount of cash is decreasing around the planet. Here I have collected the 125 MUST SEE Amul India adverts that has helped the brand gain exponential fame. A perfect example of dedicated marketing management. We will start from the year 1976 and continue till 2009.Different types of advertisements strategies which influence consumers behavior in making decision here are few mentioned On compulsory sterilisation introduced during Indira Gandhi regime.

When helmets were made compulsory in Bombay Indian Railways introduces cushioned chairs in the first class compartments. Bankers’ demand for increased Dearness Allowance. During the period when FSI was being misused. . Soft budget which pleased all sections of the society. Sunil Gavaskar did not go on a tour. Caught enjoying butter at home.

Transfer of official secretaries by the government.Pakistan infiltration into India. The rapid change of Prime Ministers in the Country MTNL increases rates for local calls. Mumbai city being cleaned up for the arrival of U. S. A. President Bill Clinton – March 2000.

“ Prince Charles understanding the famous Mumbai Dubbawalas delivery system in reaching food to its customers miles away from their residence on time every noon through the year – Nov. ’03. Tata Motors unveil “Nano” the world’s cheapest, cost-effective and technologically advanced car with affordable price tag of Rupees one lakh at the 9th Auto Expo in New Delhi, India – January ’08.

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Leadership Studies
excellent job
Customer 452773, July 28th, 2023
I just need some minor alterations. Thanks.
Customer 452547, February 10th, 2021
Human Resources Management (HRM)
Customer 452773, June 25th, 2023
Business and administrative studies
excellent work
Customer 452773, March 12th, 2023
excellent work
Customer 452773, March 1st, 2024
Social Work and Human Services
Although it took 2 revisions I am satisfied but I did receive it late because of that.
Customer 452603, March 25th, 2021
Human Resources Management (HRM)
excellent job
Customer 452773, June 25th, 2023
Business and administrative studies
excellent work
Customer 452773, March 9th, 2023
Business and administrative studies
Excellent job
Customer 452773, March 17th, 2023
Business and administrative studies
excellent job!
Customer 452773, May 25th, 2023
Business and administrative studies
always perfect work and always completed early
Customer 452773, February 21st, 2023
Leadership Studies
excellent job
Customer 452773, August 3rd, 2023
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