Environmental protection Measures

Table of contents


The Four Main Options for Environmental Protection

1. Legislation

2. Control by Regulatory Bodies

3. Design and Specification

4. Management

1. Legislation

Cost – Is it expensive to put into practice or relatively cheap

Legislation is a law or a regulation which has been produced or enacted by a legislature or another governing body or the procedure of making it. The aim of the legislations becomes a law which may be known as a bill and may be usually referred to as legislation while it remains under considerations to decide it from other business. Legislations can have many purposes such as to regulate, to authorize, to provide funds, to grant, to declare and to restrict any legislation that has been made. Legislations are introduced by the parliament and it can be introduced by the government who will introduce mainly plans for latest laws or the government and the parliament can also alter the existing laws. Bills are normally establish and launched new latest laws, which the latest law becomes a text of a bill which must be agreed by both House of Commons and the House of Lords who could debate on these proposals.

Legislations are very expensive to put into practice as they go through a general process. They have to be updated to fit cotemporary issues or any problems this can be very expensive as the existing law to be changed or altered in any way. There are several disadvantages of legislation and the cost of the legislation is that the house of parliament spends lots of tax money on introducing most up to date or mainly new laws this money can be from time to time be used for to improve the purposes such as building new eco- Friendly houses and as well building leisure centres to keep the environment safe and clean.


The Effectiveness of legislation is that the control process is awfully effective for example if someone for example a designer or an client are not following the legislation there could get fined or even there could get prosecuted by the government or whoever is in charge this would mean that client or the designer for example will not be able to carry out other contracts jobs as they will have to make many a variety of court appearances this would lead to a large amount of fine or even a prosecution this depends on what you haven’t followed and as well depends on the judges. However legislations can be very important and as well it can be very ineffective because they might take a long time to put into practice suitable to the possibility of being defeated or overpowered this can be done by the House of Commons or even the House of Lords depending by voting down.

Public Perception

The General public will have an excellent awareness of this control measure as they believe it will carry out its principle and the purpose, such as waste being controlled and not being allowed to be scatter onto the streets which will keep the streets clean from litter or make less pollution which will cause less health awareness for the general public and even yourself.

The general public will feel very thankful and as well there will feel safe if the control measure have been took place this means that there should have barriers or large fences which should be put around the waste landfill sites which will can be controlled and reducing waste which would help the environment to be an eco friendly and as well the water bodies may not be affect them as they may be some endangered species living among us. This will give the public a good outline on the developers as they would see them as eco-friendly. The public will also appreciate fines for developers who do not meet the terms with the regulation, as it would make them feel secure because the developer is more likely to follow the rules to avoid the fine or getting prosecuted.

2. Control by Regulatory Bodies

Costs – Is it expensive to implement or relatively cheap

Control is a process which is done by working and functioning with the local authorities such as the local council .The planning division and the building control division and as well working with the environment agency. The environment advisor or a counsellor as well as the health and safety executive will be informed if there was a problem on site the reason why this technique is expensive to put in practice or to put into action this is because the local authorities for example the planning division who will have develop and enhance a local plan to outline where the construction is up to standard or if it is allowable. This is not expensive because the plan can be drawn by hand or could be produced on workstation.

However the working of the building can also be controlled and as well this could be very expensive as the main branch of the department has to carry out a regular and a standard site inspection and check if there is any problems which have occurred and this will result in costs of hiring a specialist such as a site manager to carry out the inspections and examine the construction site however the working can also when working with an environmental professional of an health and safety executive is also can be expensive because they will require wages and salaries which can be paid on a monthly or even weekly basis.

A number of polices will guarantee that the defence allowable and acceptable cost related with a protection and analysis or inquest the procedure, although insures might be in agreement to refund any legal expenses of an investigation where incurred within stage previous written approval therefore there is no clear management or any supervision from the courts as to whether there is an unsaid requirement for that caution not to be unreasonably or irrationally withheld. Keeping the Insurers closely informed is therefore necessary and very important where regulatory cover is granted, it is very common for policies to restrict liability for example once legal expenses have reached say about ?150,00 often cover is controlled to represent at summary courts, however further there are excluding from cover Crown Court representation or appeals. Some policies particularly provide insurance or protection cover for an award of prosecution costs which can be considerable others do not. Fines cannot be insured against.

Costs of Environmental Agency

Example of charges

1. Control of major accident hazards (COMAH) charges

The charges that cover the costs of the regulations as a collective qualified or skilled of legal bodies in the control of major accident hazards. The Health and safety Executive or an officer known as (HSE) and the environment Agency will regulate or control all the workers for the Control of Major Accident hazards (COMAH). There will ensure that the workers will take all the control measures which it is compulsory and is required to prevent major accidents and the limits their consequences to people and the environment.

Types of charge

The type of charge which can be produced from the environment agency is a raised charge this means that to recover the costs of which are incurred in carrying out a following functions by examining the top operators and as well examining the safety reports and also communicating the results of the inspection or a review to operators and considering the requests to rearrange agreements of the safety reports and dealing with the application to limit the information with the safety report. In addition eliminating operations which including preparation of the exclusion to observe and discuss with the operators. However the operator will inspect to assess agreements at a top and lower sites this will include all introductory and follow up performance and to investigate complaints and incidents and as well to check the operator compliance with the control of major accidents hazards (COMAH) , although he or she will also be carrying out enforcement actions which will include preparations and serving of improvement or exclusion and notices and working to assign and select establishments as having potential for effects.

For Example: It will cost over approximately ?25 billion to operate and maintain environmental Infrastructure to support existing communities in to 2029. In addition ?3.5 billion is associated with the damage costs from the consequences of potential flooding to properties.

It will cost an approximately further ?7 billion to provide, operate and maintain environmental infrastructure to support the rate of housing growth projected roughly about 23,000 homes/annum over the same period. A further ?907 million is associated with the damage costs from the consequences of potential flooding to properties. Total costs link to ?16,528 for each new house.



The reason that the control process control is effective is because they offer developers or the clients or any other people within the construction Industry a clear place where construction has to take place this means that, endangered trees and animals that are protected as their habitats that are not altered or distorted. This means that the control measure achieves its most important goal of protecting the environment however this legislation can be ineffective, as the health and safety executive might unintentionally overlook hazards that are present on the work site e.g. misplacement of highly dangerous materials or any flammable materials.

Another reason why that the control measures is very effective is because if the regulatory bodies doesn’t put any control measures into practice everything will collapse for example if a factory is making too much pollution and it is affecting the environment and the regulatory bodies don’t do nothing about it will cause many problems for everyone especially the regulatory bodies will affect them more because there will responsible for eliminating the pollution that is being produce and as well if the regulatory bodies put control measure in place it will help as well it will work which will keep the environment safe and clean from harmful chemicals and as well it will be very effective and useful.

Public Perception

The public perception of this control measure is they will feel assured that the construction progression is being overseen by professionals. However to this it will give them a good impression and perception on developers who hire the environmental consultants and health and safety executives, by doing this the public will feel that the developers are knowledgeable and experienced. Also if they do not maintain their pollution down that is being produced then, the health and safety officer and environmental agency can impose fines and as well prosecute them as well on them this acts as an inducement for the developers to follow the legislation as well making the public secure. The Perception of this control measure is that the public will feel certain and guaranteed that the construction progression is being eco- friendly which will not harm the environment for example reducing the amount of pollution is being made every day and as well keeping the atmosphere clean which will keep the environment safe and preventing property to get destroyed such as acid rain which corrodes buildings and other materials goods.

3. Design and Specification

Cost – Is it expensive to implement or relatively cheap

The cost of Design and Specification is directly related to complex effects. As their add programmers to project, the communication costs will increase with the open place of the total number of programmers. There are that many more connections and links over which the details must be communicated. And, as the customer and programmers drift farther apart, the cost of the most important connection increases. Reducing the cost of communication between the programmers and the customer is important to get the details right efficiently and resourcefully.

Design and specifications are very expensive to put into practice because they include things such as solar power, which is done by using solar panels these are quite expensive to buy and install. The building direction is expensive to put into practice because various of factors have to be in practice, such as the positioning of the building to get the most out of the potential of electricity that can be produced e.g. positioning solar panels on the west side of the building to make the most of the amount of sunlight being absorbed. The reason why this can be expensive is because such things like the foundations may need to be high and level.

The systems of engineering a specification will be a document which will be a clearly and accurately document which will illustrate the important technical request for example materials , or services including the procedures where it can be a strong minded that the requests have been met.


This control method is not very effective as the weather is not expected. This means that some time large amounts of sunlight might be absorbed by the solar panels but on the other hand some other time very little sunlight may be caught. This means that the costs and troubles of installing the solar panels balance the amount of electricity they generate. Another reason why solar power is not effective is because they are not very cost effective as the savings would cover the costs of installing the solar panels after lengthy time periods sometimes ten years probably more, however they are also very effective as the solar panels have the ability to last a very long time which could reuse over and over gain however it is also a sustainable energy.

For Example: The panels are most effective between months and however it can also work even on a cloudy day. Solar panels can be used with existing heating systems, or for best results, in line components such as a hot water cylinder and system controller that can be purchased.

Many of us worry about our fuel bills and the environmental impact of our fuel expenditure, while a at no cost and clean source of energy is shining down on us all day. In one minute, the sun gives the world enough energy to meet the earth’s power needs for a year. If you install a solar panel in your house, you are saving into this massive source of free energy, and cutting down your fuel bills which can be very effective. There are also great environmental settlement to solar energy, this is because as it produces no pollution and as well it save us money by using less electricity and using renewable energy which can be used over and over again but however it will cost a bit expensive to install and purchase but you can reuse when ever you want to.

Public Perception

The public perception for design and specification is good for instance solar power which has more cost effective then things similar to oil or coal. Another reason why the public have a good perception on renewable energy is because they create practically no carbon emissions therefore achieving their principal goal, however many of the public have a negative perception on design and specification, as they might think that solar panels on a roof building mess up the look of it but on the other hand many public have a positive perception on design and specification is that it is cheaper to use solar panel which generates electricity from the sun which save us money because solar panel is a renewable energy which is eco –friendly. Powering a modern house using solar energy helps the environment which will cuts future utility costs and reduces your need for distant oil or other fossil fuels. Solar-powered homes, however, have disadvantages too this is because electricity from solar power would run everything in the home; the home generates a certain demand, or wattage. The more wattage a family uses, the more costly the solar-powered system would be and the more solar panels would be needed.

4. Management

Cost – Is it expensive to implement or relatively cheap

The control method of management is high-priced to put into practice, as it is the planning and control of all assets to the understanding and awareness of the building production. This is done by using expensive techniques which are simple environmental impact assessments, improved management on construction sites.

These will acquire time which means financial budget as the company could be carrying out the construction procedure instead. The reason why techniques such as improved management on construction site is high-priced this is because the community like site managers have which is needed to be hired and equipment such as skips which to be hired, so that waste material can be separated and recycled in appropriate way. However this control technique can be cheap and economical to put into practice because of these techniques such as communication of in progression being deployable, this is fairly reasonably and practically cheap because they can be carried during toolbox talk’s session and as well can be written on site inductions for new employees. Managers use cost accounting to support decision-making to cut a company’s costs and improve profitability.


The control process is quite relatively effective as techniques such as simple environmental impact forms check and observe for instance waste management and thermal efficiency. This makes sure that the developer or the architect or even the building team is not polluting the environment and achieving its purpose of protecting the environment. However another reason why this control method is effective is because a technique such as improved management on construction sites, this is by hiring site manager who have the capability to prevent illegal oil spillages into the soil to prevent it to get contaminated.

The way they do this is by deploying things like spillage equipment and build-up tanks, also equipment like skips which are hired and deployed on the sites which means that the construction waste can be separated and recycled so that it can be reused; this reduces carbon emissions and protects the environment. Another way the method is effective is through the techniques of communicating information to employees are being aware of any environmental considerations, such as not dumping waste in a specific area so that it doesn’t rundown into a local river which will not harm the living spices . Management is almost entirely concerned with getting things done and establish how to get things accomplished. In each manager’s intelligence there is a debate over whether more concern should go into low-cost production or to take no notice of it. The best manager is one who achieves a given target while making the best use of all relevant resources.

Management Effectiveness in Organizations

The Mangers in an organisations are very effective where there will follow the same essential principle. The Managements effectiveness is very efficiency because this will mean it will reach a target with a minimal cost. The more difficult the task is the more difficult is needed to be for example planning, coordination and monitoring to achieve and accomplish success efficiently and resourcefully. The Mangers will also generally consider and think about on a range of types of people, large amounts of money and working to firm timeframes which will create a great challenge for even the best Managers. Leadership is so different because it is about promoting new directions and information but however not executing the existing directions or information efficiently and resourcefully.

Performance Management.

The Performance management without capacity, there is no way to establish or improve efficiency. The effective manager knows how to connect with employees in monitoring their own performance by retailing and dealing them on the conclusion to them of being completely aware of how they are doing at all times. Effective management entails efficiency such as getting things done with least cost. This means performance management but not treating people like machines. Managers must do the right thing, not just get things right.

Managers have resources to invest in People, Material, and a budget. To obtain the maximum return on their investment, managers need to organize or set up their resources where they will achieve the best come back. Doing the right thing is just as much a form of efficiency as doing things right because it entails making the best possible use of a set of resources.

Public Perception

The public perception for the control process of management is excellent because they will think the developers are doing everything in their power to limit and eliminate the amount of pollution they develop. This makes the public feel assured and certain and as well guaranteed about things like wildlife as they are not in much danger anymore and the public will want the control measure to stay it in place, as it fulfils its purpose. These need to be suitable to use and should not overlook the built-up environment. Making space for waste management is therefore a main concern in planning and design. New houses, schools, hospitals, commercial buildings and public spaces need to be designed with this in mind. Similar facilities need to be retrofitted into existing buildings and spaces.




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