Dhl Tariff and Trasit Guide

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is a Day Definite International door-to-door service, offering reliable, cost effective and convenient business-to-business delivery. DHL ECONOMY SELECT is for single parcels, multiparcel shipments and pallets, with weights up to 1,000 kg per parcel and up to 2,500 kg per shipment. DHL IMPORT ECONOMY SELECT is a value-added feature of the Day Definite International service. It provides the ability to not only import goods to the UK but also to ship goods outside the UK – e. g. between France and Poland – whilst still being billed directly in the UK.  10 Export by Air Door-to-door deliveries by air express across the world, with next day delivery to most European destinations and key business locations in the USA, as well as 2nd day delivery to many non-European destinations. Choose from delivery by 9:00, 12:00 or close of business. Our next day services to EU destinations and all deliveries by 09:00 and 12:00 come with a money-back guarantee. 14 Import by Air DHL IMPORT EXPRESS WORLDWIDE is a fast, easy-to-use service for importing dutiable or non-dutiable goods from over 210 countries and territories. Furthermore, DHL IMPORT EXPRESS WORLDWIDE provides the ability to not only import goods to the UK but also to ship goods outside the UK – e. g. between France and Poland – whilst still being billed directly in the UK. 22 International Business Mail A simple and cost-effective solution for your international business mail requirements called GLOBALMAIL BUSINESS. Includes a choice of Priority and Standard services. 24 Shipper’s Interest Insurance DHL offers insurance in the event of loss or damage to your shipment. A full policy summary is included in this brochure. With a money-back guarantee from most European origins.  Please contact your local DHL account manager for further details. 4 Shipping Steps Tariff and Transit Guide 2009 SHIPPING STEPS IMPORTANT How to calculate volumetric weight If you are sending a large lightweight package, the the cost of the package is calculated based on the following formula:1. The volumetric weight of your package shipped on air express services is calculated by multiplying the length, depth and width of the package in centimetres and dividing the result by 5,000. 2. The volumetric weight of your package shipped on road xpress services is calculated by multiplying the length, depth and width of the package in centimetres and dividing the result by 4,000. depth width length To calculate the total chargeable weight of your shipment, take the actual or volumetric weight (whichever is the greater) for each package and add all the weights together. Shipping Steps Shipping Steps Tariff and Transit Guide 2009 5 STEP 1 Deciding which service you require With DHL you can choose a service that best suits your needs. Whether you’re sending a shipment internationally or within the UK we have the service to suit you.

Certain items will not be accepted for carriage. A list of prohibited and/or restricted items is available on request. Please refer to www. dhl. co. uk/prohibited. STEP 4 Preparing your shipment Every shipment requires a consignment note (known as an Air Waybill). This is an address and information label used to identify your shipment, and it contains a unique tracking number that you can use to monitor the progress of your shipment. STEP 2 Calculating the cost of your shipment Please use the enclosed rate tables to calculate the cost of sending your hipment, remembering to add VAT for shipments within the UK and other EU countries. DHL can provide Shipper’s Interest Insurance on International Air Express services and is accordingly regulated by the Financial Services Authority. See page 24 for details. There may be a charge for collection and delivery service for remote areas (Remote Area Service). You may also be sending a large, lightweight package as all or part of your shipment. If so, the cost of the package is calculated based on the space it takes up on the vehicle or aircraft; this is called the volumetric weight.

See page 4 for guidance on how to calculate the cost of your shipment. STEP 5 Tracking your shipment Delivery information can be obtained by using any of the following methods: • Web site – Check your shipment status on www. dhl. co. uk by selecting one of our tracking options. • Call Customer Services on 0844 248 0844. For Air Express shipments only, you can also track your shipment using the following methods: • Speed Tracking – Call 0844 248 0844 and select Option 2 for Speed Tracking. • e-Track – Enter your Air Waybill number ONLY in the subject field and send to track@dhl. com. Alternatively, you could use EasyView – our advanced tracking and reporting system. For more information, please see www. dhl. co. uk/easyview. • ExpressSMS – Simply send a text message with your Air Waybill number to 07720 334 455 and DHL will text you back with the latest information on your shipment. For Europe by Road shipments you can also use: • Tracknet – Our unique tracknet system lets you keep track of your DHL ECONOMY SELECT shipments with: – full end-to-end shipment visibility. – free 24/7 internet access. – a minimum of 5 separate tracking events. STEP 3 Select a shipping method

The following shipping tools are available from DHL: DHL INTRASHIP is a web-based shipping tool ideal for regular shippers. DHL INTRASHIP can support a multi-user environment and enables a seamless order process, from despatch through to email notification to your customers with latest shipment status. DHL INTRASHIP has been developed to provide maximum efficiency, total visibility and control over your entire shipping needs. DHL EASYSHIP is a desktop solution that gives you access to the complete range of DHL services and is ideal for customers with high volume shipping needs.

All services provided by DHL are subject to DHL’s standard terms and conditions, which can be found on www. dhl. co. uk or are available on request. 6 Country Zones & Transit Times Tariff and Transit Guide 2009 COUNTRY ZONES & TRANSIT TIMES COUNTRY ZONES Find the country in our list and note the corresponding country zone. Then refer to the relevant rate card to find your price. TRANSIT TIMES Transit times are in working days and are based on deliveries to major cities. They are subject to change depending on location of collection and delivery, weight and customs value.

Please note deliveries may take a little longer to and from remote locations. DOMESTIC AND EUROPEAN UNION Export (Transit time in working days) REST OF THE WORLD Import (Transit time in working days) Export (Transit time in working days) Import (Transit time in working days) Country Zone 9:00, 12:00 Close of 9:00, 12:00 Close of 12:00 Noon & Business 12:00 Noon & Business Noon & Close of Noon & Close of Close of Business Close of Business Business Business Country Zone 9:00, 12:00 Close of 9:00, 12:00 Close of 12:00 Noon & Business 12:00 Noon & Business Noon & Close of Noon & Close of Close of Business Close of Business

Examples The transit time of 1 for Austria is shown in the 9:00, 12:00 Noon & Close of Business column, which indicates that deliveries to and from Austria can be made in 1 working day using either DHL EXPRESS 9:00, DHL EXPRESS 12:00 or DHL EXPRESS WORLDWIDE. Alternatively, the transit time of 2-4 for Canada is shown in the Close of Business column, which indicates that deliveries to and from Canada can be made in 2-4 working days using DHL EXPRESS WORLDWIDE.

choose to have your shipments delivered by 9:00 am, 12:00 noon or close of business the next working day. • Proactive delivery notification comes as standard with the by 9:00 am service. Choose from e-mail, fax or SMS. • Timed options (by 9:00 am and by 12:00 noon) come with a money-back guarantee*. How to use the tables 1 Weigh your shipment (which could be one or several packages) in kilograms.

You may need to calculate its volumetric weight (please refer to page 4 for a full explanation of how to do this). 2 Next look across the table to find the service you require on the opposite page. 3 Then look down the weight column in the table until you reach the correct total shipment weight (using whichever is the greater of the actual or volumetric weight) to find the basic cost. OWP – OVERWEIGHT PIECES Shipment pieces with a chargeable weight of 70kg or more fall outside our standard handling processes, and will incur a surcharge of ? 20. 00 per piece*


Ex-Works IMPORT CLEARANCE SERVICES DHL provides routine customs clearance where required for all delivery services. We also offer a range of special clearance services for non-standard clearance requirements, as detailed: Use of DHL deferment account How to use the tables 1 Check the zone you want. See the tables on pages 6-7 for the destination country zone band (1-9). 2 Weigh your Non-Document and Document items in kilograms. You may need to calculate its volumetric weight (see page 4). 3 Next, select the table for the service you require and find the shipment cost in ? for your weight and country zone. This is the normal DHL clearance method for Import Express shipments. For Ex-Works shipments, the consignor prepares the shipment for export including packing and necessary shipping documentation. The account holder will be responsible for all transport charges and any duty and taxes payable on arrival. IMPORT EXPRESS ONLINE For greater control over your imports, please use our DHL IMPORT EXPRESS ONLINE service. This webbased tool automates the importing process as well as tracking incoming shipments. For more information, please see www. dhl. co. uk/importexpressonline

If you use the DHL deferment account to pay taxes or duty, an administration fee of ? 10 or 2% (whichever is the greater) will apply. Clearance authorisation DHL contacts a mandated person in the importing company prior to customs clearance being initiated. Charge: ? 20 Multi-line entry clearance (more than five lines) Charge: ? 20 Hand over to broker Example If you import a shipment from Belgium using the DHL EXPRESS 9:00 service (given as zone 1 on page 6) which weighs 10 kg, go to ‘10’ in the kgs column in the table and read across to zone ‘1’ to find the basic cost for the shipment, which is ? 143. 90. (charged to broker) Charge: ? 2. 50 Storage (more than five working days) Charge: ? 20 Document handling Example for air Assume the actual weight of your shipment is 7 kg, but the volumetric weight is: 50cm x 40cm x 30cm = 12 kg 5,000 In this example the volumetric weight of 12 kg is greater than the actual weight of your shipment, so use this figure to calculate the cost. (extra charge per shipment) Charge: ? 20 Transit shipment Delivery Service options Charge: ? 25 OWP – OVERWEIGHT PIECES Shipment pieces with a chargeable weight of 70kg or more fall outside our standard handling processes, and will incur a surcharge of ? 20. 00 per piece*

Please contact Customer Services or your local Account Manager to discuss your requirements. Available at www. dhl. co. uk or Customer Services on 08702 400 072. Available on the website or via Customer Services. Written proof of delivery including name and signature of receiver. Delivery to certain remote areas within Europe. A documentation and processing charge for deliveries outside the European Union and to exception territories of EU countries. Parcels/consignments are returned to the sender after an unsuccessful delivery attempt. An additional surcharge for items with a length of between 120 and 240 cm.

A surcharge for packages with a chargeable weight of 70kg or more. ?15. 00 per shipment+ ? 20. 00 Return of Non-Deliverable items Out of Gauge Overweight Pieces Original tariff is charged again plus a surcharge of ? 8. 00 together with any customs charges, taxes and duties ? 15. 00 per shipment ? 20. 00 per package** * Please contact your DHL account manager for details on shipping goods between countries outside of the UK. + Effective 1st March 2009. ** Effective August 1st 2009. Please note: items over 70kg must be palletised. Items weighing between 31. 5kg and 70kg must be suitable for mechanical handling.

Items under 31. 5kg have no special handling requirements. 1. For the details on Remote Area Service post codes please visit http://raslist. dhl. com/jsp/first_main. jsp. We do not deliver to overseas French territories, Greenland or the Faroe Islands. 2. Only available on DHL ECONOMY SELECT service. The feature is not available for Russia, Turkey, Greece and on DHL IMPORT ECONOMY SELECT. 3. These features are available only to customers who use DHL automated despatch systems or who pass data to DHL electronically. Is not available for Russia, Turkey, Greece and on DHL IMPORT ECONOMY SELECT.


Country Name How to use the table For exporting from the UK using DHL ECONOMY SELECT, find the zone for the destination country from the table to the left, then refer to the DHL ECONOMY SELECT tariff table on page 20 to find your price. For importing to the UK using DHL IMPORT ECONOMY SELECT, find the zone for the country of origin from the table to the left, then refer to the DHL IMPORT ECONOMY SELECT tariff table on page 21 to find your price. Europe by Road

Austria Belgium Bulgaria Channel Islands3&4 Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece5 Hungary Ireland Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Netherlands Norway4 Poland Portugal Romania Russian Federation 4,5 & 6 Slovakia Slovenia Spain (incl Andorra4, Gibraltar4, & Canary Islands4 served as Remote Areas) Sweden Switzerland4 (incl Liechtenstein4 served as Remote Area) Turkey4&5 * Please contact your DHL account manager for details on shipping goods between countries outside of the UK. 1. UK Export Transit Days is for origins in England and Wales and does not cover remote areas.


• We offer even lower prices than you are used to from your Post Office.

• There is no need for you to maintain a franking machine or purchase stamps in advance.

• We offer free supplies such as packaging and pre-printed Air Waybills. How it works. It’s as EASY as 1, 2, 3. 1. Place all your international mail into the DHL GLOBALMAIL BUSINESS packaging provided. 2. When all your international mail has been placed into your DHL GLOBALMAIL BUSINESS packaging, you need to weigh it and complete the pre-printed Air Waybill, selecting the service level (Priority or Standard). 3.

Your DHL courier will collect your completed DHL GLOBALMAIL BUSINESS packaging during their regular pick up and from that moment on you can leave it to us! Features of mail items We will pick up all types of international mail* in compliance with our general terms and conditions (see also our list of restricted items). Mail items are defined as those with the following features: Rectangular Shape Minimum size (L x W) / (L x 2R) Maximum size (L + W + D) / (L + 4R) Maximum single side (L or W or D or 2R) Maximum weight 14 x 9 cm (5. 5 x 3. 5 inches) 90 cm (35. 4 inches) 60 cm (23. 6 inches) 2 kg (4. 4 lb) Cylindrical Shape 5 x 5 cm (5. 9 x 2 inches) 104 cm (40. 9 inches) 90 cm (35. 4 inches) 2 kg (4. 4 lb) Transit Time Transit time to Europe Transit time to North America Transit time to Rest of World 4 – 7 working days 5 – 8 working days 6 – 10 working days * Examples of international mail items: Documents such as contracts, reports, pay slips, invoices, and commercial offers; Odd-shaped items such as commercial documentation, gadgets, sample material, posters, low-value spare parts. For questions regarding mail delivery restrictions for odd-shaped items outside the European Union, please contact our Customer Services on 08701 100 300.

DHL GLOBALMAIL BUSINESS International Business Mail 23 Price Structure The price you pay is based on four factors: 1. The destination Check out which zone your destination country falls into. This will have an impact on the price you pay. Zone 1 Europe, incl. surrounding countries Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark (Inc Greenland and Faroe Islands) Estonia Finland France Georgia Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Macedonia Malta Moldova Monaco Montenegro The Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania Russia San Marino Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey Ukraine Vatican City

Zone 2 Rest of the World Albania Andorra Armenia Austria Azerbaijan Belarus Belgium Bosnia & Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Africa Asia Latin-America Middle East North America Oceania 2. Service you choose (Priority or Standard) Zones 3. The number of items 4. The total weight Per item (in ? ) Per kilo (in ? ) Priority tariff 1 0. 35 8. 80 Standard tariff 1 0. 34 7. 70 Example You have a mail bag full of mixed business mail, in total 80 items including contracts, commercial documentations, posters and invoices. You want to send everything with our GLOBALMAIL BUSINESS priority service to various countries in Zone 2: Rest of the World.

You then fill out the pre-printed Air Waybill with this amount, add the tick for priority service and we do the rest of the work for you. What amount will you be charged for? In total you will be charged for sending the 80 items to Zone 2: Rest of the World – 80 items x ? 0. 35 + 5 kg x ? 12. 50 = ? 90. 50 These prices are valid from 1st January 2008 and cover non-dutiable mail items that are picked up in combination with your regular DHL EXPRESS pick-up arrangement. Prices within EU are subject to VAT. 24 Shipper’s Interest Insurance Tariff and Transit Guide 2009 SHIPPER’S INTEREST INSURANCE


In the event of damage to or loss of your shipment, DHL’s liability to you is limited in accordance with its terms and conditions of business. DHL encourages you to protect yourself against potential loss or damage (limited to your actual financial loss) by purchasing Shipper’s Interest Insurance. Shipper’s Interest Insurance can be arranged for both express documents and parcels, although some restrictions and limitations may apply. These will depend on the destination and content of the shipment. DHL only offers one product from a single insurer, currently AIG (UK) Limited.

Although DHL can arrange the insurance for you, DHL is unable to provide you with advice other than asking some questions which will help you determine the suitability of the cover offered. Charge. The cost of Shipper’s Interest Insurance for express documents and parcels is 1. 5% of the replacement value you have declared (subject to a minimum charge of 12. 00 GBP*). This cost includes VAT and/or Insurance Premium Tax (IPT), where applicable. * Effective 1st June 2009 Regulators. DHL International (UK) Limited is regulated and authorised by the Financial Services Authority. DHL’s FSA registration number is 312634.

DHL is permitted to act as an insurance intermediary to facilitate the arrangement and administration of Shipper’s Interest Insurance. You can check this and find more information on the FSA’s website (www. fsa. gov. uk) or by contacting them on 0845 606 1234. Ownership. Deutsche Post AG, a company domiciled in Germany, is the ultimate owner of 100% of DHL’s share capital. Complaints and the Financial Compensation Scheme. If you have a complaint about Shipper’s Interest Insurance please note DHL act as agents for the insurer. Contact details and further information is contained on page 26 within the Policy Summary.

Shipper’s Interest Insurance Tariff and Transit Guide 2009 25 DEMANDS AND NEEDS STATEMENT The following should be read in conjunction with the Policy Summary, located on page 26 of this document. DHL’s Shipper’s Interest Insurance as provided by AIG (UK) Limited meets the general requirements for loss and damage to goods in transit cover. The cover applies to goods carried under a single Air Waybill. Cover is effective from the time DHL has control or possession of the shipment until the time of delivery. Cover is for physical loss or damage of goods, subject to specific limitations and exclusions.

Further details of exclusions and limitations are set out in the policy summary below. Please note that Shipper’s Interest Insurance does not cover delays; damage or loss arising from political circumstances; the effects of radioactive activity; deterioration arising from the nature of the goods or the consequences of damage or loss. Your goods will be insured for the replacement value that you have advised us prior to collection. In the event of a claim, you will be required to provide evidence of the value of the shipment. Shipper’s Interest Insurance

In assessing the suitability of Shipper’s Interest Insurance, DHL will request you to provide: • Information relating to the content and value of the goods to enable DHL to identify your requirements; and • Disclosure of

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