Causes And Effects Of Land Pollution Environmental Sciences Essay

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The object of this undertaking is to derive a more a holistic and deep apprehension of the Legal and Regulatory model regulating Land Pollution in India By looking into the beginning of Environment we understand how the society boulder clay day of the month has shaped and what is the Causes and Effects of Land Pollution and what contribution the Law has given. Another really of import object of this undertaking is to understand what the demand of Environmental Law in the society was.

The method of research adopted is doctrinal in nature. I have referred beginnings on the net every bit good as a few books on Environmental Law available in the university library besides adding my personal positions and cognition of the subject.

Land pollution is the taint of the Earth ‘s land surface through abuse of the dirt by hapless agricultural patterns, mineral development, industrial waste dumping, and indiscriminate disposal of urban wastes. It includes seeable waste and litter every bit good as pollution of the dirt itself.

Soil pollution is caused by chemicals in weedkillers and pesticides for agricultural activities every bit good as littering of waste stuffs in public topographic points such as streets, Parkss and roads. The accretion of waste is a menace to the wellness of people in residential countries and waste decays besides encourages family plagues and turns urban countries into unsightly, dirty and unhealthy topographic points to populate in. These jobs result in the loss of 6 million hectares of land each twelvemonth. It besides consequences in the loss of 24 billion dozenss of surface soil each twelvemonth and a loss of at least 15 million estates of premier agricultural land to overdrive and mismanagement every twelvemonth. Some steps of land pollution are through the instruction of people through runs, recycling to cut down wastes. Laws have besides been passed by authoritiess to cover with land pollution.

When we hear a individual describe a topographic point as ‘dirty ‘ , what normally comes to our heads is the bad status of the topographic point. The topographic point, which could be your sleeping room, is imagined to hold apparels scattered on the floor and books unarranged on the shelf. However, I define the word ‘dirty ‘ in a more specific mode. ‘Dirty ‘ in my definition, means that there are rubbish or litter on the floor. This makes the ambiance of that certain topographic point unpleasant non merely to the oculus, but besides to the head. Land pollution is hence the soiling of the land. It comes approximately due to inconsiderate dumping of waste, littering and uneffective waste disposal methods.

Mix of harmful substances with dirt is called land pollution. When the natural dirt gets assorted with the harmful and toxic elements due to assorted agencies, it pollutes the dirt and alters its original physical and chemical features. Animals waste excessively pollutes land.

The consequence of such dirt pollution is rather harmful and unsafe on human life every bit good as on workss and animate beings. Soil pollution easy and steadily causes environment and air pollution as good by vaporisation of assorted harmful chemicals from the contaminated land. Polluted land consequences into farther pollution of workss and land H2O resources which finally leads to fouling full web of nutrient concatenation in the ecosystem.

 Causes and Effects of Land Pollution

Peoples across the Earth have been confronting a figure of wellness jobs caused due to the pollution of land, H2O and air. Talking about land pollution, it has some of the most annihilating effects on both nature and living existences. Land pollution is characterized by the taint of Earth ‘s surface, where worlds and other animals live. One of the major causes of land pollution is human activities. Given below is complete information about the chief causes and harmful effects of land pollution.

The disposal of non-biodegradable wastes, including containers, bottles and tins made of plastic, used autos and electronic goods, leads to the pollution of land.

The procedure of mining leads to the formation of hemorrhoids of coal and scoria. When these wastes are non disposed through proper channel, they are accumulated and pollute the land.

Industrial wastes are major subscribers of land pollution. Dumping of toxic stuffs such as chemicals and pigments makes the countries environing the industries, look really foul.

Improper intervention of sewerage leads to the accretion of solids, such as biomass sludge. These solid wastes overflow through the sewerage, doing the full country expression dirty.


India is the 2nd most thickly settled state in the universe with more than 1 billion people.A This big population is besides an environmental challenge for the universe.

Soil Erosion

This is the biggest job. Wind besides aids in spread outing the ever-increasing desert conditions of the Rajasthan desert.A Similarly, many ports are now covered in sand for the same grounds.


Although the British started deforestation in India, the force per unit areas to overhaul since the divider of 1947 have merely increased the rates of deforestation.A The erratic growing of metropoliss and the rapid building of mills to assist feed the thirst for economic growing have come at the cost of India ‘s woodlands.A These policies non merely harmed the trees but the autochthonal peoples that had long thrived among the trees throughout India.

Effects of Land Pollution

Metric tons and metric tons of domestic wastes are dumped every twenty-four hours. Since people do non follow proper methods for the disposal of such wastes, it leaves the topographic points look soiled and makes them unhealthy.

Land pollution indirectly affects the respiratory system of human existences. Breathing in contaminated dust or atom can ensue in a figure of wellness jobs related to the respiratory system.

Skin jobs are frequently diagnosed due to set down pollution. It is said that the improper disposal of family wastes leads to allergic reactions on the tegument.

Land pollution has been found as one of the prima causes for birth defects. Pregnant adult females populating in unhealthy and soiled environment can incur take a breathing jobs and a figure of diseases, which may impact the wellness of the babe every bit good.

Land pollution has serious consequence on wildlife. Flora, which provides nutrient and shelter to wildlife, are destroyed.

Land pollution frequently disrupts the balance of Nature, doing human human deaths.

Legal model regulating Land Pollution in India

India ‘s development programs balance economic development and environmental concerns. The planning procedure is guided by the rules of sustainable development. There has been an evolutionary procedure for mainstreaming environmental protection in India ‘s planning procedure. The first formal acknowledgment of the demand for incorporate environmental planning was made when the Union Government constituted the National Committee on Environmental Planning and Coordination ( NCEPC ) in 1972. The concern for environmental injury came to the bow particularly during the Sixth Five-Year Plan ( 1980-85 ) , which contained a separate proviso for environmental debasement. Stairs were besides taken for H2O, air, noise, and land pollution.

The State ‘s duty with respect to environmental protection has been laid down under Article 48-A of our Constitution, which reads as follows: “ The State shall endeavor to protect and better the environment and to safeguard the woods and wildlife of the state ” .

Environmental protection is a cardinal responsibility of every citizen of this state under Article 51-A ( g ) of our Constitution which reads as follows:

“ It shall be the responsibility of every citizen of India to protect and better the natural environment including woods, lakes, rivers and wildlife and to hold compassion for life animals. ”

Article 21 of the Constitution is a cardinal right which reads as follows:

“ No individual shall be deprived of his life or personal autonomy except harmonizing to process established by jurisprudence. ”

Article 48-A of the Constitution comes under Directing Principles of State Policy and Article 51 A ( g ) of the Constitution comes under Cardinal Duties.

The State ‘s duty with respect to raising the degree of nutrition and the criterion of life and to better public wellness has been laid down under Article 47 of the Constitution which reads as follows:

“ The State shall see the elevation of the degree of nutrition and the criterion of life of its people and the betterment of public wellness as among its primary responsibilities and, in peculiar, the State shall endeavour to convey about prohibition of the ingestion except for medicative intents of elating drinks and of drugs which are deleterious to wellness. ”

The 42nd amendment to the Constitution was brought approximately in the twelvemonth 1974 makes it the duty of the State Government to protect and better the environment and to safeguard the woods and wildlife of the state. The latter, under Cardinal Duties, makes it the cardinal responsibility of every citizen to protect and better the natural environment including woods, lakes, rivers and wildlife and to hold compassion for life animals.

The Environment ( Protection ) Act, 1986 was introduced as an umbrella statute law that provides a holistic model for the protection and betterment to the environment.

In footings of duties, the Act and the associated Rules requires for obtaining environmental clearances for specific types of new / enlargement undertakings ( addressed under Environmental Impact Assessment Notification, 1994 ) and for entry of an environmental statement to the State Pollution Control Board yearly.

Hazardous Wastes ( Management and Handling ) Rules, 1989, as amended in 2000

Waste refers to a stuff that has no public-service corporation for a individual. Although natural waste can be disposed away and recycled or composted, it is the toxic, non-degradable waste of plastic and electronic goods that is going a climb job for India and other developing states. Besides the part of families, refuse is besides generated by industries, agribusiness and excavation.

[ 4 ]

The Hazardous Waste Rules applied to Management and Handling of 18 classs of wast like:

Cyanide wastes

Metal coating wastes

Waste incorporating H2O soluble chemicals compounds of lead, Cu, Zn, Cr, Ba, and Sb

Mercury, arsenic, Tl, and Cd and Sb

Non-halogenated hydro Cs including dissolvers

Halogenated hydro Cs including dissolvers

Wastes from pigments, pigments, gum, varnish and printing ink

Wastes from dyes and dye-intermediates incorporating inorganic chemical compounds

Wastes from dyes and dye-intermediates incorporating organic chemical compounds

Waste oil and oil emulsions

Tarry wastes from polishing and pitch residue from distillment or pyro lytic intervention

Sludge originating from intervention of waste H2O incorporating heavy metals, toxic organic, oils, emulsion and exhausted chemical and incineration ash



Wastes from fabrication of pesticides and weedkillers and residues from pesticides and weedkillers preparations units

Acid wastes

Off specification and discarded merchandises

Discarded container line drives of risky and toxic chemicals and wastes.

[ 5 ]

The Problem of Disposal of Hazardous Waste and its Dangers

The crisp addition in waste coevals is non matched by installations for disposal of risky waste. In India, waste is either burned or merely buried at a topographic point. The crisp addition in the quantum of generated waste and the unequal infinite for its disposal has led to improper methods of disposal. Consequently, jobs like taint of land H2O and increased air pollution have emerged as serious menaces to general wellness and life. The municipal workers are most affected people by the occupational danger ( jeopardy ) of waste managing ; they suffer from unwellness like oculus jobs respiratory jobs, gastro and tegument jobs.

While the improper disposal of solid waste can ensue in environmental and wellness jobs, the turning quantum of electronic waste poses a monolithic hazard to our ecological system. Electronic equipment waste runing from personal computing machines, optical phonograph record participants and nomadic phones contains toxic stuffs like lead, Cd, quicksilver, fire retardents and leaching plastics. If this waste is left untreated in landfills or mopess ( as is the instance in India ) , it will ensue in irreparable loss to the life in the dirt, H2O and the ambiance, therefore adversely impacting human wellness and ecology. Peoples working in countries near to these landfill countries or countries where electronic waste is stored are in danger of terrible wellness jobs like harm to the kidneys, swelling of the encephalon, intervention with regulative endocrines, tegument jobs, malignant neoplastic disease and neurological and respiratory upsets.

Indian Laws associating to Disposal of Hazardous Waste

In India, the Environment Protection Act, 1986, authorizes the cardinal authorities to take all steps deemed necessary or expedient to protect the quality of environment and forestall any type of pollution. Hence, the Government of India has framed the Hazardous Waste ( Management and Handling ) Rules, 1989 and Hazardous Waste ( Storage Export and Import ) Rules, 1989 to modulate the disposal of risky waste in India.

[ 7 ]

These regulations make it compulsory for any organisation to seek the permission of the local province pollution control board for grant of mandate for transporting risky substances in the signifier of aggregation, response, intervention, conveyance, storage and disposal of such wastes.

In recent opinion of Rajasthan High tribunal in the Suo Motu action taken against the disposal of Jaipur metropolis, Justice D. V. Singh held that right to life includes the right to nutrient, vesture, shelter, right to sensible adjustment to populate in, right to descent environment and besides right to populate in clean metropolis. Even in the instance of Municipal Council, Ratlam V. Vardichand

[ 8 ]

, the instance which was the get downing point of environment law in India in which justness Krishna Iyer attributed the pollution free environment and public wellness with that of Human right facet. Judgment and determinations of the bench have proved that pollution free environment and clean metropolis is facet of Right to life.

The Basel Convention

Which was signed by India on 22 September, 1992, sought to modulate the “ refuse imperialism ” or “ toxic terrorist act ” , as it was called, indulged in by the Organisation for the Economic Cooperation and Development ( OECD ) states towards Non-OECD Countries. The Basel Convention envisaged that in the beginning of twelvemonth 1998, there will be complete prohibition on exports of risky waste but it could non happen for obvious grounds. Besides so many of import clauses in the Basel Convention, the most of import one is that the state which is importing risky waste should hold installations to dispose of the waste in an environmentally sound mode.

Concluding Legal Take Away Tip

The authorities of India has proposed a new set of regulations called the E-waste ( Management and Handling ) Rules 2010. This provides for doing the manufacturer of electrical and electronic equipment responsible for the aggregation and appropriate disposal of e-waste generated at the terminal of the merchandise life.

[ 9 ]

Besides censoring the import of used electrical and electronic equipment for charity in the state, these new regulations besides aim to modulate non merely the manufacturers, but besides the recyclers and mediators.

2.5 A Law Associating to Bio-Medical Waste Management

The infirmary wastes attracted the attending of the Supreme Court every bit early as in 1994 when a writ request was filed under Article 32 of the Constitution against the concerned governments to supply clean and wellness environment. Issue of improper infirmary waste direction was the Southern Cross of the instance in B.L. Wadhera v. Union of India

The tribunal gave series of waies. The most of import among them are:

All infirmaries with 50 beds and above should put in incinerators or any of effectual alternate method under their ain administrative control.

The incinerator or alternate methods should be fitted with necessary pollution control mechanism, approved and corroborating to the criterions laid down by the Central Pollution control Board.

The Central Pollution control Board and the State Pollution Control Boards should regularity direct its review squads in different countries to determine that the aggregation, transit and disposal garbage/wastes is carried out satisfactorily. Under the Indian Penal Code, 1860 a defiler of the environment can besides be punished if he does an act which causes any common hurt, danger of irritation to the populace or to the people in general so the act may be treated every bit public as defined under Section 268 and the wrongdoer may be treated punished under Section 290 or 291 of the Code, There are besides penal proviso under a state of affairs which either causes, or destroys, or diminishes the value or public-service corporation of any belongings, of affects the belongings injuriously as provided under the Section 426, 230, 231, and 432 of the Indian Penal Code. This otherwise means that if any individual who generates, collects, receives, shops, conveyance, treated, disposes or handles bio-medical wastes in any signifier shall be treated as a contravener of the above penal commissariats.

There should be concerted attempts of authorities for distributing the consciousness among the people about the importance of cleanliness and protection of environment through the communicating media every bit good as forming consciousness cantonments at local degrees.

Bio Medical ( Management and Handling ) Rules, 1998

The Bio-medical Rules came into being in 1998 through a presentment in exercising of the powers conferred by Sections 6, 8 and 25 of the Environment ( Protection ) Act, 1986.

Bio-medical Rules is the first of its sort of national jurisprudence in whole South- East Asiatic Region in relation to bio-medical waste direction. The definition of Bio-medical waste is really comprehensive and extended 1.

National statute law is the footing for bettering wellness attention waste patterns in any state. There should be a clear appellation of duties before the jurisprudence is enacted. Unfortunately, Indian jurisprudence fails to come up to the criterion prescribed by the World Health Organization.

The Committee on Solid Management

[ 13 ]

recommends that bio-medical waste should be refrained from throwing on the streets or unfastened topographic points every bit good as into municipal dust bins or the domestic waste aggregation sites. This means bulk of the establishments still managed to throw the bio-medical waste municipal bins near to their premises. So it can be said that arrant failure of the jurisprudence in implementing it.

The Rules is really broad and includes the resident who generates bio-medical waste.

The Rules which speak about puting up of incinerator or any other alternate mechanism in a infirmary. Let us assume that the all the infirmaries have set up the incinerator. Has the Pollution Control Board equipped with adequate substructures to look into and each and every incinerator of a infirmary in relation its operation and emanation criterions?

Merely by enforcing deadline sing puting up of incinerator even after it has been discarded by western states or any other methods. The incinerator should be used at it optimal flat otherwise the waste may non be treated decently.

In a infirmary environment, engineerings like incineration fail because untrained janitor staff runs them. Most of the studies incinerators run at temperatures lower than those specified in the regulations. Due to hapless operation and care, these incinerators do non destruct the waste, need a batch of fuel to run, and are frequently out of order.

If every infirmary has an incinerator ; decidedly it can non be used its optimal degree as the sum infective waste is less. This leads improper intervention of bio-medical waste. The consequence is obvious doing danger to human wellness and the environment

By and large waste is disposed through incineration by heating minimal 1000 O C. Due to failure of continue supply of electricity the heat will non raise up to order degree. The consequence is non completion of disposal of waste harmonizing to the regulations.

2.6 The Municipal Solid Wastes ( Management and Handling ) Rules, 2000

This defined ‘municipal solid waste ‘ as ‘commercial and residential wastes generated in a municipal or notified countries in either solid or semi-solid signifier excepting industrial risky wastes but includes treated bio-medical wastes. ‘

Harmonizing to Purden & A ; Anderson, ‘refuse and solid waste are about the same thing, Garbage is nutrient waste, Trash and Rubbish are approximately tantamount footings ; they contain small or no refuse. Trash often refers to grass and shrubbery cuttings, documents, glass, tins and other family wastes.

[ 15 ]

Rubbis is besides likely to include destruction stuffs like brick, broken concrete, and discarded roofing and timber. ‘ It has farther been clarified that solid waste includes discarded and abandoned contraptions armored combat vehicle car, mine and industry waste, agricultural, lumbering, infirmary, research research labs and industries. Some industrial wastes are toxic or risky.

It is of import to determine the nature of waste whether it is biodegradable or combustible in managing and disposal of solid waste. Combustion and landfill method of disposal farther gives rise to jobs like air, H2O and land pollution, impacting adversely the wellness of the adult male, and vegetations and zoologies. Apart from family, office waste, the waste from industries within the metropolis precincts have become a baleful job now-a-days. Waste from industries utilizing chemicals and synthetics, biomedical waste are risky or unsafe waste excessively.

The Indian Penal Code and Solid Waste Management

The Indian Penal Code of 1860 has dealt with solid waste direction under Chapter XIV ‘of offenses impacting the public wellness, safety, convenience, decency and ethical motives ‘ . Since, solid waste gives rise to assorted type of diseases and is unsafe to public wellness, it has been treated as ‘public nuisance ‘ and has been made punishable. But there is no direct subdivision in the Code which deals with the job of solid waste.

Commissariats under the Criminal Procedure Code, 1973

Section 133 of the Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 trades with ‘removal of nuisance ‘ and empowers the Sub-Divisional Magistrate or any executive Magistrate, on having report/information, to do order to take the public nuisance and desist from transporting any trade, concern which is doing public nuisance. The Court have made usage of Section 133 of the Code widely to cover with the job of solid waste direction. In the celebrated instance of Municipal Corporation, Ratlam v. Shri Vardhichand

[ 16 ]

Justice Krishna Iyer declared that ‘aˆ¦the guns of Section 133 spell into action wherever there is public nuisance. The public power of the Magistrate under the Code is a public responsibility to the members of the populace who are victims of the nuisance. ‘ If the order is defied or ignored, Section 188, I.P.C. comes into penal drama. It was further, observed that ‘imperative tone of S.A 133, Cr.P.C. read with the punitory pique of S.A 188 I.P.C. makes the prohibitive act a compulsory responsibility. ‘

The Court besides pointed out that Article 47 of the Indian Constitute makes it a overriding rule of administration that ‘steps are taken for the betterment of public wellness as amongst its primary responsibilities. ‘

Right to sanitation, decent and dignified life

The tribunals on assorted occasions have declared in univocal footings that care of wellness, saving of sanitation falls within the horizon of Article 21 of the Constitution as it adversely affects the life of the citizen and it amounts to decelerate toxic condition and cut downing the life of the citizen because of the jeopardies created, if non checked. The tribunal have besides declared that it is a primary, compulsory and obligatory responsibility of the municipal corporations/ councils to take trash, crud, dark dirt or any noxious or violative affair.

[ 17 ]

The Pollution Boards and its officers have a basic responsibility under the Environment ( Protection ) Act, 1986 to halt unauthorized motion and/or disposal of the waste. They are besides empowered to take action against mistaking industries and individuals. In Virendar Gaur v. State of Haryana and in many other instances, the Supreme Court has clip and once more declared that right to life under Article 21 encompasses right to populate with human self-respect, quality of life, and nice environment. Therefore, pollution free environment and proper healthful status in metropoliss and towns, without which life can non be enjoyed, is a built-in aspect of right to life.

A Landmark Case

The Supreme Court of India in Dr. B.L. Wadehra v. Union of India

[ 18 ]

, decidedly dictum that the ‘resident of Delhi have a statutory right to populate in a clean metropolis. ‘ Therefore, Municipal Corporation of Delhi ( MCD ) and New Delhi Municipal Council ( NMCD ) are under a statutory duty to scavenge and clean the metropolis and ‘it is compulsory for these governments to roll up and dispose of the garbage/waste generated from assorted beginnings in the metropolis. ‘ It was further observed that ‘non-availability O financess insufficiency or inefficiency of the staff, inadequacy of machinery etc. can non be pleaded as land for non-performance of their statutory duties. ‘

The new Plastic Waste ( Management and Handling ) Rules 2011

New regulations in India have banned the usage of fictile sachets for hive awaying and selling nutrient and baccy merchandises, and both recycled and compostable bags used for transporting groceries have besides been banned.

The new Plastic Waste ( Management and Handling ) Rules 2011 have non wholly banned recycled plastic bags, but in add-on to their limitations on transporting nutrient points, they must conform to a figure of other regulations laid down by the Bureau of Indian Standards, one of which provinces: ‘The plastic carrying bags shall either be white or merely with those pigments and colourants which are in conformance with the saloon prescribed by the Bureau of Indian Standards ‘ . Bags should besides be no less than 40 micrometers in thickness, duplicate the thickness required under old regulations. Officials hope the new regulations will accomplish thickness uniformity throughout the state.

In such instances one has to follow `cradle to sculpt ‘ solutions from coevals to concluding disposal of the wastes. This is peculiarly indispensable with the waste including toxic and risky wastes. To incorporate and command the job, there must be `awareness plan ‘ to cut down solid waste, to recycle the things if possible and to recycle the wastes like paper waste. Therefore, it deals attitudinal alteration amongst the people before we venture to beef up the bing Torahs and implement them efficaciously and expeditiously

Recycle the wastes to retrieve energy and stuff.

Separate risky waste from other beginning stuff for efficient handling.

Incinerate or otherwise convert risky wastes to non-hazardous wastes.

To promote recycling of stuff, some motive be given.

Efficient Torahs entirely can non work out the job, unless we have efficient mechanism to implement, will of the authorities to implement and attitudinal alteration among the multitudes is needed

Multiplicity of Torahs and countless governments can non get the better of such job unless people are made cognizant of the inauspicious effects of this job and they abide by Torahs with an purpose to safeguard the present and future coevals.

Municipal corporation is a local authorization within the significance of `State ‘ under Article 12 of the Constitution and it is Statutory responsibility to roll up, shop, conveyance, procedure and dispose of the municipal dirty wastes and see the wellness & A ; hygiene of the populace is maintained.

Report anyone who actively dumps waste to the appropriate governments.

Reduce, re-use and recycle.

Glass Bottles or jars can be reused or taken to a bottle bank for recycling.

Metallic elements: Used aluminium and steel tins can be collected as bit and smelted for re-use. Avoid batteries. They contain a scope of metals but are hard to recycle.

Plastics: Many drink bottles are made from a plastic called PET, which can be re-used.

Vegetable Waste: A pail with a lid makes a good container for vegetable waste that can be on a regular basis added to the compost pile for usage in the garden.

Attempts at single degrees should be promoted.

Peoples should organize the wont of hive awaying waste at beginning in their ain houses and sedimentation such waste into the municipal system merely.


A The apathetic Governmental attitude towards the disposal of waste is a job that has led to troubles in execution of “ The Municipal Solid Waste ( Management & A ; Handling ) Rules, 2000 ” as it has led to ignorance towards uncollected domestic waste. The waste processing and disposal installation has to be set up by the Municipal Authority on their ain or through the operator of installation, every bit good as they have to follow the criterions as specified under the Rules of 2000.

The improper and apathetic attitude towards direction of Domestic Solid Waste has inauspicious effects on the society every bit good as environment. It is one of the biggest beginning of environment pollution. Land is polluted with the waste dumped upon it, makes the dirt infertile. contaminates the H2O organic structures, affect the aquatic life which through nutrient concatenation reaches the human being every bit good as in organic compounds. Due to the discarded plastics carry bags and ungathered waste there is drain choke offing which leads to stagnant H2O and becomes engendering land for mosquitoes and insects. All this happens because there is no proper direction and aggregation of solid waste which finally causes sedate menace to the human existences and animate beings life.

With the turning population the immense waste is being generated twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. There is broad usage of plastics, advanced engineering and other mercenary things. This resulted in different features of waste which became complicated job for direction of Domestic Waste and disposal techniques.

It is imperative that pressing stairs in this way should be taken up — non for treatment but as unusual pattern. The authorities and societal organisations should work hand-in-hand, round the clock and guarantee that the delicate balance in nature is non destroyed. Awareness programmes and engagement of the layperson in the cleansing procedure are really of import. Every individual should be made responsible for the harm to the Earth. Rather than speaking tall on the unfairness being done to earth, and poems being written on the earnestness of the issue, people all over the universe should fall in custodies for the interest of the Earth. Global engagement and action is needed.

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