Building an Organization II

Table of contents

In building an organization, there are a lot of things to consider. Many questions to answer, many materials to organize and it is important to have the enough capacity (could be financial) and manpower to realize the organization’s goal. In this particular organization, the focus is directed towards giving service and care to abused women and children, at no cost. Building an ethical organization is a challenge made easy when, as a person, seeing the hapless situation of these poor victims of violence, we aim to give an end to their suffering and help them. We feel that it is our moral obligation, given the circumstances, to extend our hand and offer as much as we can, change their lives as far as we could, and hopefully inspire them to live their lives as a whole person again.

Description of the Organization

As mentioned in the first draft of the organization’s profile. SHIELD Us, as it stands for the following goals: S – Safety of the victim is the topmost priority. The Organization deals with abused women and children and this issue is very delicate and dangerous at times, for both the victim and organization.

Excessively beaten abused women and children needs emergency care at the soonest possible time and saving them is the topmost priority of SHIELD Us. Moreover, enraged abusers may hunt their escaped victims and by so doing endangering them once again. In addition to this, victims would be placed under safe keeping by hiding them in a safe house inaccessible by the abusers. Also, to provide close monitoring as to the physical and mental health of the victim, for at times they think of ending their suffering. H – Helping with open arms and without asking anything in return.

The Organization was founded on the basis of moral obligation, and by so doing should emphasize that the Organization’s goal is not to gain profit, monetary or otherwise, but instead, to extend open arms to those who are unfortunately abused by their perpetrators, without asking for anything in return, be it monetary or services or otherwise. The Organization is built on the premise of providing free service, and unselective of people who can gain access of the Organization’s services. I – Imparting time and love for the care of the disadvantaged women and children.

In times of crisis, these unlucky victims of violence went through a very grave ordeal. The least that the Organization can do is to offer them undivided attention and provide them with the loving and caring, as one person must give willingly, to another person, untarnished with any romantic intention, but rather of a pure love and care that they so deserve and need. E – Enhancing knowledge about the reasons why they underwent such endeavors. One of the Organization’s priorities is public awareness and education as to the causes and roots of abuse.

A particular victim might blame themselves or think that it’s their fault, or that they deserve what happened to them, the Organization aims to remove that thought and would enlighten them about their ordeal. L – Love and trust, helping them live their lives again. As part of the rehabilitation program of the Organization, SHIELD Us aims to make available any resources, physically, emotionally, and mentally, to help the victims able to stand on their own again, and venture out into the world once more, fully equipped and armored for another try in life.

D – Dedicated to the cause of stopping violence against women and children. As the Vision of the Organization, SHIELD Us’ ultimate goal is to eradicate violence against women and children, all over the world. It is the mantra of every personnel within the Organization to put a stop to whatever violence they would witness or came to know of. The Organization would utilize any means possible, legally, to end this extreme violation of women and children’s right to live, as normal individuals in our community.

Un-battered and untouched, never going out with big shaded eyeglasses, and thick make-up, to hide their bruises and cuts; never be afraid of coming home; never be afraid to commit mistakes; never be wondering why they get abused – all these things and more – would be the Organization’s end goal. SHIELD Us, is an organization functioning on its own, independent of the government and solely dedicated to providing service with no cost, and do not intend to raise any profits whatsoever for personal usage of the Board of Directors and the employees, and everybody within the organization.

Therefore, SHIELD Us is a Non-Government, Non-Profit Organization providing free shelter, medical care and rehabilitation for abused women and children who are in need of help. Thus saying, the clientele mainly of this organization would be abused women and children who are in need of helping.  Providing a safe environment for abused women and children, where they can receive proper medical attention; appropriate psychological treatment and rehabilitation; and proper counseling about the legal workings of their cases, without judgment and maintaining their anonymity.

The mission mainly addresses the means on how to achieve the ultimate goal of the Organization in eradicating violence against women and children, all over the world. As mentioned in the acronym SHIELD Us, safety for these individuals would be given through placing them in a safe environment far from their abusers. This can be achieved through acquiring a lot in a concealed area where it can not be easily located and erecting mini-clinics for provision of first aids and for emergency situations.

For psychological treatment, since the Organization is non-profitable, it would find it easier to invite psychiatrists to provide free consults and join in the Organization’s cause. As for rehabilitation, milieu therapy would be quite appropriate for these individuals, thereby providing them safe and secured environment where they can release their emotions and not feel threatened and live in fear of being violated again. As for the legalities, for example, lawsuits filed by the abused individual, the Organization would support the lawsuit and the individual one hundred and one percent.

If any case that the individual can not afford to sustain her complaints, the Organization would find a way of continuing the battle through solicitations, asking for donations, and inviting lawyers to join in the cause and provide pro bono services. The Organization’s values statement clearly encompasses no passing of judgment and working with the individual without bias and strictly prohibits divulging of information outside of the Organization, or even within the Organization among personnel who doesn’t have sufficient authority to gain knowledge about a particular situation or individuals. The following objectives and strategies are self-explanatory and need no further expansion.


  • To provide a safe shelter where abused women and children can stay for free.
  • To give free medical care to abused women and children.
  • To provide free proper psychological treatment to help them cope with their emotional traumas.
  • To provide a favorable environment for rehabilitation for abused women and children for free.
  • To offer legal counseling about their situation for free.
  • To help women and children go to the proper authorities to report their ordeals.
  • To cooperate with the proper authorities and put perpetrators in jail.
  • To conduct educational seminars on the preliminary signs of abuse, and what to do about it.
  • To provide education to women and children to further enlighten them about the origin of abuse.
  • To have a self-defense class available for women and children for them to protect themselves.
  • To go on missions to rescue women and children who had been held captive or was placed in a very horrible situation.
  • To participate in programs held by other organizations with goals of furthering the cause of helping abused women and children.
  • To maintain an accepting and non-judgmental atmosphere where women and children can feel peace and security.
  • To perform all these objectives without bias and with sincerity.


  • Acquiring a spacious lot in a concealed area where it can not be easily located.
  • Erecting a small clinic and two low-rise dormitories inside this lot.
  • Asking for volunteer health workers to constantly man the clinic 24/7 through shifting schedules.
  • Inviting volunteer psychologist and psychiatrist to join the organization.
  • Ensuing donations from private organizations and individuals to help fund the organization.
  • Enlisting for grants for various charitable organizations.
  • Welcoming legal counsels to impart their expertise for the organization for free.
  • Collaborating with other organizations with the same objectives.
  • Coordinating with the proper institute when reporting incidences of abuse. 10. Distributing leaflets, brochure, and fliers to inform people of the organization’s existence.
  • Enlisting the help of a self-defense instructor to hold free self-defense classes for women and children who wants to learn how to protect their selves.
  • Conducting seminars, approximately once a month about the early signs of abuse, and the different types of abuse.
  • Carrying out out-reach programs to help those women and children who can not afford to get out of their rural settlements, at least once a month.
  • Involving the community and making people aware about the reality of abuse.
  • Coordinating with the proper authorities when carrying out rescue missions.

Values Statement Values:

The organization would not involve itself in any malicious transactions that would put the women and children in its care in danger.  In every organization, we can not prevent any illegal transactions that might put the charges or the organization in danger, intentionally or unintentionally. To prevent this, any transactions, business or personal (that directly affects the Organization) should undergo a thorough evaluation by a designated committee. The employees and volunteers should always be discreet in dealing with their charges. We value anonymity of the charges and we encourage each and every one to be always aware of this, and NEVER divulge any information about the charges, inside or outside of the organization.

This may endanger the lives of the charges, as well as the Organization. Information about the women and children who sought help would always remain confidential, unless divulge by the victims themselves. In reference to Value No. 2, this is in connection to anonymity. The organization does not allow its employees or volunteers to be romantically linked with anyone of their charges. Getting too attached with a charge is not encourages, even more so having a romantic relationship with them. This may lead to conflict of interest and surging or emotions at the wrong places at the wrong time.

This may also lead to decisions based on feelings, not through reason. The organization would not accept any donations or contributions that would demand the organization to act against its values. In reference to Value No. 1, any transactions (even if its donations) that demands the organization to act against its values and its members to go against the Code of Ethics should be immediately rejected. The organization would not employ judgment towards its charges, or anyone in particular. Judging other people, especially the charges and commenting on their situation might aggravate their feelings more or vice versa.

The personnel are encouraged to maintain a neutral point of view and avoid giving unsolicited remarks. The organization would remain devoted to its vision and mission statements. Vision and Mission statements are created for a purpose, to give the Organization a definite direction with regards to operation, goal, management and service. Every action of every member of the Organization should always put the core statements in their minds.  The organization would continue to provide care without asking for any monetary compensation. The Organization proudly offers free services to abused women and children.

Every member should always maintain this service, and not ask for any monetary or anything in payment for the services provided. The organization would uphold professionalism and decency when dealing with people inside and outside of the organization. Professionalism and decency of an Organization’s personnel, reflects the core values of the Organization. Therefore, if the members of the Organization demonstrate good attitude, then they are giving out good word about the Organization.

Code of Ethics

List your organization’s code of ethics, with a minimum of ten items. How does the code inspire a tangible outcome from the employees? How is it related to the mission and values of the organization? Integrity The Integrity of every individual is important, for his or her own self-preservation, and the Organization’s benefit as well. A person with Integrity would make sure to follow the core values of the Organization, and would not engage in any malicious transactions that would cause the collapse of the Organization. An Organization with Integrity would gain more trust from the public and would gain more sponsors and donations for its cause.

Loyalty to the Mission and Vision of the Organization. Adhering to the core statement of the Organization would give the members a definite direction and purpose for all their actions. Right people at the right position. In every Organization, placing the right people at the right positions is very integral for the Organization’s success. Choices should be made accordingly to a pre-set criterion that would be presented by a committee. Law –abiding. It is always important for every Organization to get the support of the Law.

Therefore, the Organization should ALWAYS keep into mind the laws that govern the location, the practices, and the methods that are to be used and exercised. The Organization should not be involved in any lawsuit or whatsoever questioning its standards and services. In making decisions, it is always advisable to exercise Prudence. Caution saves a lot of trouble. Honesty is always the best policy. The Organization encourages its members to be always honest with their intention, feelings, or apprehensions that would be properly addressed by a committee.

In every service that the Organization offers, time management that shows efficiency and effectively addressing the issue is of utmost importance. Sometimes, in this life-saving business, being efficient could save more and more lives. The Organization fosters dedication to their job. Dedicated personnel would do anything in his or her power to achieve whatever is needed for a certain situation. Having a pool of dedicated people always makes an Organization climb to success.

Respect begets respect. The legitimacy of the transactions should always be thoroughly reviewed by a committee to avoid problems with the law. The legitimacy of the Organization should also be prioritized, as every public individual or organization that are willing to donate for the SHIELD Us cause, deserves the truth and no horseplay from the organization. Maintaining the anonymity of its charges is a prime concern for the Organization.

How will the culture institutionalize the organization’s values? An accepting, unbiased and utilitarian culture would be most apt for the Organization to develop. Since the Organization deals with very fragile and very personal issues, an accepting non-judgmental culture and point of view of personnel working within the Organization, would be better to foster trust, and improvement of the charges’ condition. The Organization’s values state that each personnel should always be careful of the feelings of each member of the Organization, especially the charges’ feelings.

The Organization aims to develop a conducive environment for the victims to pick their selves up from despair, and a warm, friendly, non-judgmental and safe environment is the best way to achieve it. To be able to foster this culture, there should be a committee assigned to relate specific rules and regulations, and the personnel should undergo orientation and training, for them to be better equipped in dealing with one another, and their charges.

What is your moral responsibility as a leader? A democratic leader, dedicated and who firmly believes in the cause of the Organization, would be the better approach. A democratic style of leadership would better foster trust and camaraderie among the higher positions and the lower positions. A democratic leader, who is open to suggestions, to criticisms and to change, a leader who is willing to listen to his or her subordinates and to his or her charges (the victims) on ways in which to improve the Organization.

This type of leader would easily know the concerns surrounding the Organization, since he or she would convene his or her members frequently and create a platform of open discussion of any apprehensions. However, a democratic leader should also decide by himself if the suggestions are appropriate and for the betterment of the service the Organization provides. Disregarding his pride and previous decisions, a democratic leader should abide by the values of the Organization, and submit himself to the Code of Ethics. A leader should be the model of everything good within the organization.

He or she must encompass in himself the core values and practice it professionally and personally. VIII. Oversight: How will you measure your organization’s performance in maintaining an ethical standard? What structures or systems will you put in place for oversight? The Organization would be better equipped in the realization of its core statement and values by placing committees designated to follow through each function of every department. This would help measure the organization’s performance in maintaining an ethical standard. These committees would create criteria that would place firm rules and regulations in place.

These rules and regulations should be followed by all members of the Organization, regardless of their positions. It should apply to everyone and not only to the select few. Also, these committees should take it upon themselves not to be influenced by power, by position or by self biases. IX. Conclusion In building an organization, ethical principles and values are the most important. Since it deals with people’s attitude and this dictates the working environment. Inculcating values in each and every one of the members of the Organization is not that easy, and admittedly, this takes a lot of time and effort.

There may be cases that one member may not conform with the Organization’s policies and standards – this should be handled discreetly by committees designated for such function. A non-government, non-profit organization gets funding from donations and solicitations to people and to big companies; raises money through fund raisings and participates for grants and charitable awards – to be able to qualify for these things, the Organization needs to be a trustworthy organization solely devoted to their cause and has strict adherence to their code of conduct.

For an organization to raise funds and sustain the organization, it must maintain a CLEAN REPUTATION, and must show improvement and eagerness to help accordingly. Therefore, observing zealously the values statement, the core statement and the code of ethics of the Organization is very significant to achieve its vision in the near future.

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