Areva: advance human resources management

Advanced Human Resources Management BBS IA Final Assignment : ARRIVE Alexander De Baser Before to start, I would like to remind you that I have done my internship in HER department at ARRIVE. Most of the information that I am going to share has been collected with experience, discussion and personal analyses. That’s why I won’t be able to cite all of my sources. At the same time, please agree that most of the information could be under restriction. They could not be use as references because of my contract. Introduction

Before to start explaining the HER structure at ARRIVE, we have to understand what is ARRIVE, now It NAS Eden created Ana its political. Teen now political environment Incenses a lot Thanks to this understanding, we could then start to analyses the HER structure at ARRIVE. The main topics that we are going to tell about are the strategy, the organizational structure and agility, the workforce engagement (capability and capacity), the succession planning strategy. After all of those points, we are going to identify some main HER troubles and we will suggest solutions to solve them.

Rave’s history ARRIVE has been created in 2001 from the merger between 3 companies. Those 3 companies were COMMA, FORMATION NAP and TECHNICAL (“ARRIVE” Wisped and website). We will see later that this merger is the origin of many HER troubles in the company. The goal was to create a leader company in the nuclear industry. As today, ARRIVE is the leader in nuclear industry, we could think from outside that this merger has been a success, but during this report, you will see that many problems still occurs from this merger even 12 years after the merger.

Actually if we want to be really precise, it is important to notice that ARRIVE is Just the ewe governance structure that has been created in 2001. The merger between the three companies is dated from 1983. It means that 30 years after the merger, some troubles still occur in the company. This is also really important to notice that due to financial structure and to its industry, ARRIVE is really influenced by political factors. Rave’s shareholders The CAE that is a French public organization owns 68% of the company. At the same time the French state owns around 15% of the company.

And then the shareholders panel is more withdraw between many different actors as Total, AKA, EDP and others. We can notice than EDP that is the only customer of ARRIVE in France owns 2,24% of the company. EDP is also controlled by French state (84%) “EDP” Wisped and company’s website. It means that French government around 85% controls ARRIVE. This is an important fact to notice because this situation leads to many gentlemen in Rave’s strategy. ARRIVE always respects new laws about employment. The company does not have the power to influence the politic and then it has to follow all the new policy.

This is probably due to the fact that the shareholders choose the CEO. The CEO has to set up a strategy for ARRIVE. So we could say that the French overspent set up the strategy of ARRIVE when they choose the CEO. I en French political environment Is not really s tale at ten moment. Work laws changed every time and the crisis force governments to change things. But every decision taken too fast creates problems. ARRIVE has to be a “model company’. Every time a new law is created, the company is changing all the HER structure according to the new law.

And then, after a year of work, a new law appears and the work continues. So the HER at ARRIVE is not stable as it could be. An overview of Human Resources at ARRIVE ARRIVE is an international company with many different work and different sites. The HER resources organization had to be build according to those facts. As the company is working in different part of the nuclear sector (mine extraction, chemical process, nuclear central building and services, nuclear recycling, renewable source of energy), the organizational structure is divided into different Business Group and Business Unit. Arrive website” Arrive website Organization chart of ARRIVE, Arrive Website ARRIVE is divided into 5 different Business Groups. All of those business groups are more focus on a part of the nuclear cycle. In each Business Groups, workers are divided into different business units. The four different business units are: BBS for business support RSI for reactor and services NP for nuclear power NC for nuclear cycle Business support is about Human resources, marketing, communication, law department, and sales. NP is more about research and engineering.

RSI is more about building activity. Those business units identify the Job of each people. Moreover it allows people to different awards and rights (bonus, social advantages, … ). We will see later that this organization is probably the origin of many problems between workers. The purpose of this report is the human resources organization. As I explained to you, most of the human resources workers are concentrated into the business support units. It is an independent department that provide human resources services to the other entity.

Human resources are like internal suppliers for RSI, NC and NP. This service is working on recruitment, data analyzing, training, salary, HER development and public relations. But another part of human resources employees is working directly into RSI, NC and NP. We call them proximity HER. Their work is more about population management as people review, nosegays planning Ana toner current tasks Tanat Involve Knowing ten employee. One of the main problems in this kind of organization is that many employees do not know whom they have to contact for HER problem.

It leads to many confusing situation as ” I am not suppose to do this task for you, you should ask to your HER referent” “l asked him and he told me to contact you”. In this situation it is simpler to do the work instead of trying to solve the real source of the problem. This is a point that we are going to talk about in the agility section. ARRIVE is an international company with many geographical implantation. Each implantation also needs to have local HER workers. Actually the HER organization is really present everywhere at ARRIVE.

It is maybe too much develop as you can see below: This organizational chart seems to be simple, but in reality we are talking about thousands of workers. It is really complicated to know who is the good interlocutor for a situation and everyone has to refer to his or her own manager. Strategy & HER planning in the company Rave’s strategy is to be the most respectful to the law. Rave’s policy is really based on diversity and non-discrimination. Non-discrimination policy The non-discrimination policy starts during the recruitment process.

To assure the non-discrimination policy, Rave’s trains all of its recruiters with the help of CUBITS. Cubits is a private company that provide HER assessments and development consultancy. All of the recruiters have to follow week training at Cubits. The purpose of this training is to introduce the concept of discrimination in a company and how to avoid the risk to discriminate someone. This non-discrimination policy starts during the writing of Job specifications. The Job description has to be accord to all gender and do not have to speak about health, age, origin, religion, politics, pregnancy, .

Those points should not be ask during the interview and it is not possible to favorite someone because of this factors. This is the same from the start of the hiring process until the integration of the employee or trainee. Contracts and remuneration have to be the same for different people in the same solution. I en company created salaries scale. I Nils scale guarantees a Mullen amount of money for someone due to its experience and diplomas. This is a good example of what a company should do in order to avoid the discrimination on salary, because some people do not negotiate their salary and they are less paid for the name work.

Diversity policy The diversity policy is related to the non-discrimination policy. The goal is to increase the balance between different factors in the company. This is few example find in “Rapport De diversity© Darrel” ARRIVE 2011 : Increase the number of handicapped people Increase the proportion of woman hire Increase the proportion of woman at management position Increase the proportion of employee under 30 years old and above 55 years old Increase the number of people that access to a training ARRIVE really believe that it earns something from all this diversity.

Different cultures are mix together in order to create something new that cannot be creating by another way. The goal is to force the balance between younger and older, man and women, experienced and non-experienced people. In some way we could think that it is a kind of agility from the company to be ready to deal with really different problematic. The training is something really developed in the company. An entire department name “Arrive university’ as to provide employees with training. And when it is not enough, the company is ready to pay some added lessons in private school.

The goal s to help employees to get management skills or to be train on new tools. On the paper, ARRIVE seems to be a really ethics company that are trying to create a good work environment for all workers. But we will see in the next section that there are some differences between the strategy and the application day-to-day. HER planning The HER planning is probably one of the most management problems at ARRIVE. This is due to all the changing in the strategy. There are actually 46 000 employees in the company. For the beginning of the crisis, as many companies they started to plan to reduce the number of employees.

According to this decision, ARRIVE decided to set up different way to reach this goal: Stop hiring people in business support Increase the number of intern Do not always replace people that are going in retirement Improve ten seclusion planning In order to Tina Internal people. I wall tell you more about this part in the last section. An employee, Caroline Bland-Prude that is working in the company for 35 years has seen many things. She told me that the HER planning at ARRIVE is not always well managing. Every 10-15 years, they meet the same problem and they are trying to reduce the number of employees in the company.

Every time they use the same techniques as seen above (excepting intern and apprentice that are quite news) and every time they meet the same problem that is massive retirement departure. For example, when I was working there, they stopped all recruitment in business support function. The problem is people are going to retirement are not replace and on the short-term strategy it reduces the number of employees which is good. But when they will understand that they miss a large amount of employees they are going to hire thousand of people at the same time.

In 2009 they planned to hire 12 00 employees” ARRIVE VA recruiter” La Tribune 14/05/2009. And then they decided to stop all recruitment until 2016. A better strategy would be to hire less people at the same time but to hire them each year. An obvious problem when you hire 12 000 at the same time is that you cannot be sure to hire only good employees. You are obviously pushed by the quotas and you hire people that you would not have hire in a normal context. This is also really difficult to create the company spirit when you hire a third of your employee at the same time each ten years. This part of the HER is really bad managed.

In order to avoid the lack of employees, the company use a lot of intern and apprentice. In the company there are around 1500 intern (“ARRIVE stages” For Challenges, date unknown ) Each years and around the same (1300) is apprentice (“ARRIVE promotes apprentice” Lee Figaro, Gallinule Immolate, 29/03/2010). It means that around 15% of ARRIVE workers are not employees and that they are paid under the SIMI. At the beginning the goals was to train the student before to hire them. But with the new strategy that is trying to decrease the number of employee, they Just use intern and apprentice during their contract and then they do not offer them a bob.

ARRIVE strategy planning is to receive the help of student in order to do the work that they cannot do. They do as most of French companies, they save money on workforce and use students to compensate the work. It could be a good strategy if they offer a job to these students at the end of their studies but at the moment it Just creates a turnover of 15% of their workforce each year. Organizational Alignment and Agility in the company Low agility There is a large difference between the strategy and the alignment. We have seen in the previous topics that the strategy is always moving even if all the different strategy s good.

There are Just going in different direction at into a small amount of time (5 years). ARRIVE really tries to take care about all of their workers, providing integration and really close to the employees when they want to ask for something. But how could they improve the continuity of the company when the turnover is so high and that all process is always changing? The organizational structure leads to have many managers that could interpret differently the same strategy. For example, the purpose of my internship was to create new processes.

In Paris, ARRIVE got 3 sites. Two of them had a merger in the name site in august. The company decided to save money with stopping to rend the Lafayette site. When I have done my interview in February, they told me that this merger is going to create some problem in the company has the HER processes are not the same from a site to another. New organization and new processes The first thing that we have to notice is ARRIVE different sites are able to adapt themselves to their own needs. This is a quite good things and it shows a good agility into the company.

But the second thing is it took almost 7 months for ARRIVE to write down new process that could simplify the work of every one. It means there is a strong hierarchical structure and that many different people were trying to impose their ideas about processes. This is kind of diversity. Sometimes it is a good thing, but other times this is Just a waste of time. The company lost 7 months to change processes and they were not really applying when the merger come. People do not really work under pressure and it is really hard to apply something when everyone wants to contribute to a project.

This is of course really hard to lead a 46 000 workers companies but in ARRIVE the HER management does not seem to be really ready to face all the challenge that the crisis ND the new government are going to oppose to them. Today a company has to be the more agile as possible. The goal is to allow employees to target field trouble and to solve them by themselves instead of report the problem and waiting a year for a solution that is coming too late. Discrimination through non-discrimination criteria and diversity policies As you can read In ten “Rapport ay Lovers a 1 ARRIVE set some diversity goals each year.

And each year they are trying to improve the recruitment of woman, handicapped people, and other. One of my tasks was to report many data on all apprentices. I am able to say that, this report takes into consideration apprentices’ data, and that influences a lot the ratios that are calculated. It means that they influence the data in order to reach their goal but this is not something really relevant as each year it could change a lot. In order to improve these goals, there are some quotas. The problem is that, the quotas that are trying to avoid discrimination are creating much discrimination because of its nature.

The quotas impose to ARRIVE to take a percentage of women, of handicapped people, under diploma people for integration and many other criteria. It leads to discriminate people that are men, diploma and non-in a handicapped situation. “Arrive chief in U-Turn on female quotas” Energy, Sarah Halls and Andrew Hill 25th September 2009. I think that the quota strategy is a good think used by Anne Leverage in order to launched a new policy. But 5 years later, the company is still using quota strategy that are, now, more a discriminate factors that could give a promotion to a woman instead of a man only in order to increase the gender data.

Workforce engagement, capability and capacity in the company ARRIVE is really trying to create a good work ambiance. As I told previously, the company organism orientation for new employees and trainees. But although they are trying to do their best, the ambiance is not the best as possible. I explained to you that the turnover is a real problem in the company, but this is not the only one. I want to remind you that ARRIVE has been created from the merger of three companies. This merger creates different statues and social advantages, salary ranking and others.

Actually, ARRIVE is a huge company with workers that can’t forget that they are from different companies. The question is, how to integrate all those people together when they are not equal in the company? For example, when employees from BBS get married, a bonus of months salary is offer. But when it is RSI employees, they got 4 months bonus salary. It leads to many internal wars. This is the same trouble for promotion as people promote people from the same origin as them. The workforce engagement could not be as best as it could because of those problems.

People are wasting their time and are not working in the same direction Decease AT Inequality In ten company. If we exclude the problem of ambiance, ARRIVE is leading a good performance treated that is base on goals and performance appraisal. Most of the employees have the right to discuss their goals with their manager. The goal is to find common goals that are accepted by the employees. Then as in many different companies, there are annual interview in order to control that goals has been reached or not, and to provide feedback on the situation.

Actually ARRIVE is really good to do interviews and meetings. Even intern have the right to have an interview for the end of their internship. The goal is to provide advices to the intern in order to ameliorate its Job. Problem occurs when the trainee is really good and that’s not possible to offer him a Job only because of the HER strategy. I really think that problem is a central problem; the turnover is a real problem for the ambiance and the stability of the company. Succession Planning Mobility department is working on the succession plan.

The main goal of this department is to replaced internal people on Job position that are going to be vacant because of retirement or others reasons. “Succession Planning” ARRIVE, Olivier BURGER, April 2013. The link above is the succession planning that Olivier BURGER presented in April. This report is about which Jobs already has a selected successor. We could see that around 700 Jobs positions do not have any successor at the moment but this is not really for ARRIVE that has launched a diversity project that is to continue to work with retire employees that are volunteers to continue.

They are seen as punctual consultant and they only come to work on a project because of their expertise. ” Senior employment” ARRIVE website. This succession planning also identifies some talents that have to be keeping in the company. In order to keep them they offer them good promotion, using a vacant Job position that retires workers left. The succession planning is not really a problem in this company as there is more people that are looking for a promotion than Job position available.

New strategy that ARRIVE could develop in order to ameliorate their HER organization This part is a mix between my experience and the facts that we developed during the report I en company Is guttering a lack AT conference Detente want teeny want Ana how they implement their solutions. When you chose to develop the diversity of your company you should not do things that decrease the team spirit at the same time. Diversity is a positive fact when preferences allow creating a new value for the customer. But the diversity should not be controlled into year quotas and objectives.

It leads to discrimination and probably to miss some competences that the company could have hired without gender quotas. The new strategy that ARRIVE should use would be to not set any objectives to gender diversity. The diversity should only set rules if they identify a big difference between the number of man and women. But without that, why are they trying to tend to 50% of men and 50% of woman? I didn’t find any study that proves this is the best corporation structures. So if they do that, this is only for brand image (related to the shareholder’s board, as French state is trying to favorite women insertion).

The company should have the right to have more flexibility and to stop to be a model company because it impacts the development of the company. At the same time, we identified that the different status are a weakness for the company as it decrease the team spirit. If they decided to harmonize all this different status, the transition period would be really hard to deal with, but after they will increase the equality in the company. I do not say that they should delete the equines unit organization that is something really good for the company (cost separation, managing employees, others).

I mean that they should give the same right to all of their employees if they want to improve the feeling to belong to the same group. So the new strategy would be to give the same right to everyone. They would stop to favorite women instead of men only because of quotas and to give more advantages to some employees. This quite easy strategy doesn’t need to develop new skills. It is just about creating new standards that are going to improve the moral of employees and to hire the best skills. This new strategy should also improve recruitment strategy that is a big trouble for the company.

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